“Something f**ked up to me and girlfriend” – Conor McGregor’s trainer leaks private chats about Jake Paul with boxing trainer

Shane Mosley's candid conversations with Dillon Danis leaked ahead of Jake Paul's bout with Nate Diaz could play a part in the upcoming boxing bout.

“Something f**ked up to me and girlfriend” – Conor McGregor’s trainer leaks private chats about Jake Paul with boxing trainer

Jake Paul's trainer Shane Mosley's DMs with dillon Danis leaked ( Image source: GettyImages)

New problems arise as Jake Paul gears up for his much-anticipated boxing match against Nate Diaz. The fresh controversy surfaced with leaked conversations between Paul’s coach, Shane Mosley, and MMA star Dillon Danis. The private DMs have unveiled Mosley’s true sentiments about the YouTube boxer.

Shane Mosley is a former world champion. He currently serves as Paul’s head coach in his preparation for the upcoming showdown against Nate Diaz. However, leaked messages expose Mosley’s unfiltered thoughts about his protege, Jake Paul. Dillon Danis texted Mosley in these leaked conversations concerning negotiations for a possible fight with Paul.

During the conversation, Mosley doubted Jake Paul’s willingness to accept a fight with Danis. Jake Paul allegedly did something “f*cked up” to Shane Mosley and his girlfriend. “Jake did something pretty fucked up to me and my girl so I’m down to help you beat him,” Mosley’s DM read. Mosley revealed that Paul had hesitated about committing to a match with Danis due to different timing preferences. He suggested leaking false information about Danis’ knee being permanently damaged.

This strategic move would potentially entice Paul and his team to agree to the fight, presuming Danis would be an easy opponent. The leaked messages have garnered attention, particularly since Mosley previously trained Jake Paul for his professional debut against AnEsonGib in 2020. Following a defeat against Tommy Fury, Paul parted ways with trainer BJ Flores. Mosley took on the role of his new head coach.

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Dillon Danis’ potential fight with Jake Paul and Shane Mosley responds to leaked conversations

Shane Mosley Jake Paul
Shane Mosley trained Joke Paul for his debut fight Image source: Getty Images)

Dillon Danis claimed that he was initially guaranteed a fight against Jake Paul. This was part of the contract for his failed bout against Paul’s brother, Logan. However, Paul ultimately opted to face another MMA star, Ben Askren, in 2021. Responding to the leaked messages, Mosley released a statement. He refuted claims that he sent the messages to Danis at the time.

Mosley clarified that any potential fight between Jake Paul and Danis would not be sanctioned as a professional bout due to the considerable experience gap between the two fighters. Mosley emphasized that Paul’s fights are classified as unsanctioned exhibitions, and Danis is not on the same level. As the excitement builds for the August 5th clash between “The Problem Child” Jake Paul and UFC icon Nate Diaz, the leaked conversations add an intriguing layer to the already intense rivalry. Fans and critics eagerly await the outcome of this high-profile event.

In conclusion, the leaked conversations between Shane Mosley and Dillon Danis shed light on the behind-the-scenes negotiations and strategic planning in the world of professional boxing. While the authenticity and implications of these leaked messages remain subject to debate, they undeniably add a new dimension to the ongoing drama surrounding Jake Paul’s boxing career.

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