“Dude is embarrassed to be there” – Fans in splits as Nate Diaz prematurely evacuates Jake Paul’s intense face-to-face interview

Jake Paul is almost fed up with Nate Diaz's troublesome and frustrating approach towards their upcoming boxing fight.

“Dude is embarrassed to be there” – Fans in splits as Nate Diaz prematurely evacuates Jake Paul’s intense face-to-face interview

Jake Paul faces off with Nate Diaz (via: flipboard.com)

The upcoming fight with Jake Paul and Nate Diaz has caught the attention of many fight fans. They hope to see Diaz defeat Paul just to mock the YouTuber once again. Nevertheless, the recent face-off interview between the fighters ended prematurely due to the absolute lack of interest from Nate Diaz.

An event of such magnitude is bound to receive much attention from the media and the public. Therefore, fights like this are handled by promotions who plan and set up organized sessions between the two fighters and their fight camps. This allows everyone involved to showcase the entire process transparently and rawly to the public. But after their recent meeting, it seemed like Nate Diaz disagreed with the whole concept of public relations.

Jake Paul has genuinely developed hatred toward Nate Diaz, considering the UFC fighter’s attitude toward selling the fight or coordinating with the influencer on various matters. In a recently conducted face-off interview with the two fighters, Nate Diaz seemed uncomfortable and awkward listening to Jake Paul’s opinions regarding the fight. It pushed him to get up and leave during the session.

Such behavior should not be accepted by anyone, even if Jake Paul is not the nicest of people. This attitude encourages ignorance and is against any decency or courtesy to another person. Nevertheless, Diaz has always had a carefree attitude. Hence, blaming him remains pointless.

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Fans comment on Nate Diaz leaving mid-interview for Jake Paul fight

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz (via: sherdog.com)

Nate Diaz has received criticism for his crass behavior during a faceoff interview with Jake Paul. But many other fans accepted such behavior and even trolled the YouTuber for getting treated this way. Nate might have pulled this off through his fame and recognition. One fan tweeted, “I honestly think the dude is embarrassed to be there.” Check out some other reactions:

Let’s hope the love Nate Diaz is receiving for his ignorance doesn’t get too popular. If every fighter follows such behavior, there would be no natural build-up to any fight and, therefore, a significant drop in revenue and profits. It is the fight game, after all and crazier things have happened. Fighters with fame will get to do whatever they please like Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

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