“Don’t watch!” Nate Diaz anti-promotes boxing match despite Jake Paul’s plea for some tension

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul will collide in the boxing ring on August 5. Diaz revealed why he did not promote the high-profile boxing bout.

“Don’t watch!” Nate Diaz anti-promotes boxing match despite Jake Paul’s plea for some tension

Nate Diaz refused to promote the boxing bout against Jake Paul (Image Courtesy - Daily Mail/Boxing Scene)

MMA superstar Nate Diaz will make his boxing debut against Jake Paul in the first week of August. Fight fans expected Diaz and Paul to go at each other during the fight build-up. Even Jake Paul tried instigating some reaction from Diaz during their first press conference. However, Nate Diaz has remained stoic in the lead-up to the fight.

During an interview with ESPN MMA, Diaz talked about why he did not talk trash to Paul. Diaz said, “I am not in a gimmick fight with him. I only need him to know that I whip his ass; I don’t need the whole world.” He said he would not beg the whole world to watch the fight. Diaz concluded, “Don’t watch,” affirming his focus on the bout against Jake Paul.

Diaz stated that only Jake wants to talk sh*t rather than let his fight do the talking inside the ring. Jake Paul has started to imitate Diaz on social media to promote the fight. He did that during a live stream with the controversial Andrew Tate and Adin Ross. Paul continued to imitate Diaz in small clips that have since gone viral. Despite the hype, Paul wanted Diaz to promote their boxing bout to sell more PPVs.

Nate Diaz’s legacy will forever be tarnished if he loses to Paul. Diaz is older and could be out of his prime compared to a younger and explosive Jake Paul. Some fans and experts think that Diaz decided to box Jake Paul due to the monetary advantages. Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn does not believe the bout goes beyond four rounds. The MMA community will hope that Diaz can somehow overcome Paul in the ten-round bout.

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Nate Diaz meets the NELK Boys ahead of bout against Jake Paul

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz (Image Courtesy – The Mirror)

The NELK Boys have been a big part of the MMA scene for a while. They have a great relationship with Dana White and have interviewed combat sports athletes on their podcast. However, they had yet to collaborate with the Stockton superstar Nate Diaz till now.

However, the NELK Boys can cross it off their list, as Nate posted a picture with them on Twitter. In the past, Diaz slapped a reporter for the NELK Boys. However, the reporter did not press charges as he admitted that he deserved the slap.

When he retires, the combat sports world will surely miss personalities like Nate Diaz. He has approached his final days as a fighter and could retire as soon as his next fight against Jake Paul. Hopefully, he continues his antics even after retirement and entertain the fans like usual.

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