“F*** Hulu” Nate Diaz throws his support for Mike Tyson in ongoing intense battle over upcoming TV series on Hulu

Nate Diaz joins in the long list of combat athletes supporting Mike Tyson in his for compensation from Hulu for their use of his life story in making of new series.

Nate Diaz x Mike Tyson
Diaz supports Tyson in his ongoing battle against Hulu
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Nate Diaz has put in his support in favour of Mike Tyson, in the former heavyweight champion’s fights against the streaming service, Hulu and their upcoming show “Mike.” Tyson initially expressed his displeasure about the series via a thread of tweets that have found significant backing in the combat sports community.

Initially, Tyson made the news public by announcing that his friend and UFC president, Dana White had stood by him as he refused to accept “millions of dollars” from Hulu for the UFC and Dana to promote the upcoming series across all its platforms. Tyson thanked Dana for his integrity in their friendship.

Now the Stockton bad boy has come out in favor of his idol and former champion in his quest to receive monetary compensation from Hulu for the retelling of his life’s story. Diaz put out a series of tweets, chastizing Hulu and encouraging the boxer to keep his fight going.

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Nate Diaz and WBC President Mauricio Suleiman are among many supporting Mike Tyson against Hulu

Nate Diaz x Mike Tyson
Nate believed that it should’ve been Tyson instead of The Rock crowning the BMF Champion

Nate is no stranger to fighting against big corporations, as his entire MMA career has just been that gaining small victories in order to have some leverage over the multi-million dollar giant that is the UFC. In fact this runs in the family as his brother Nick, was one of the earliest and most vocal critics of the UFC and it’s business practices.

Nate is a big fan of Tyson since he grew up watching the 20-year-old demolishing bigger opponents in terrifying fashion. Mike has met Diaz at many UFC events, and the two share a love for fighting and the belief that marijuana can act as a relaxant and alternative medicine for fighters. In fact, after his famous BMF fight against Jorge Masvidal, Nate insisted that it should have been Tyson presenting the belt and not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Today Nate pledged his allegiance to Mike in his fight against Hulu with a simple tweet that read,“I’m wit Mike Fuck you hulu”

In typical Diaz fashion, he was short and precise to the point. Mauricio Sulaiman was much more elaborate and expressive with his words, saying,“A fighter who was like a son to my father is Mike Tyson, I just spoke to him I’m so upset to learn that his upcoming series were produced without his involvement and consent The WBC was mislead by Hulu and we provided belts for production Mike Tyson Is a legend RESPECT” The message was accompanied with photos of Tyson with Jose Sulaiman in his younger days.

Who do you think wins the upcoming legal battle? What are your thoughts on filmmakers adapting public figures’ stories without their approval? let us know!

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