“He fought for a vacant title” – Ryan Garcia throws shade at his former mentor Canelo Alvarez amid their recent spilt-up

Canelo Alvarez- Ryan Garcia
Canelo Alvarez- Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia believes Canelo Alvarez had it easy when he fought Matthew Hatton for the championship back in the day. Garcia and Alvarez are some of the biggest names in the boxing world. While Canelo is popular for his dominance and winning championship belts in different weight classes, Garcia also had gained similar popularity as an internet celebrity. Garcia is yet to fight for a title shot but has enormous star power and fan following on social media.

Lately, things have not been good between the fighters as Alvarez in a recent interview with DAZN Boxing threw shade towards Garcia. After knowing that Garcia picked Gennady Golovkin to beat Alvarez, the fighter gave said :

“He’s just mad, he’s no more in the team. But he’s a little kid. My advice – focus on your career, win a world title first, then talk about other people. Because you’ve accomplished nothing.”

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Ryan Garcia response to Canelo Alvarez comments

Canelo Alvarez- Ryan Garcia
Canelo Alvarez- Ryan Garcia

After Canelo made those comments about Garcia, the situation has escalated and Garcia replied back without any hesitation.

Garcia in a recent interview with ESNEWS claimed that whatever Alvarez said is just extremely funny. Garcia explained that Alvarez at the age of 20 fought for a vacant title against Matthew Hatton which was an easy fight. On the other hand, according to Garcia, his division is filled with tough fighters and he can’t just pick anyone and become the lightweight champion. He said :

“What he said was just comical. ‘At 20 I was a world champion.’ He fought for a vacant title vs Matthew Hatton. I have a lot of good people in my division. I can’t just pick a Matthew Hatton and become a champion.” [@Seckbach]

Garcia has always been respectful towards Alvarez and always used to pick the Mexican in any flights. This was the first time Garcia picked Alvarez’s opponent over him. However
It looks like both the superstars are not sharing best relationship currently and altercation like these are bound to happen.

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