Shocking: Floyd Mayweather charged exorbitant amount of money for meet and greets

Floyd Mayweather birthday
Floyd Mayweather gets a birthday wish from WBC President

In 2020, Floyd Mayweather joined Fanmio, a platform that connects people around the world with their favourite celebrities. As a part of Fanmio, Mayweather offered his fans an exclusive opportunity to chat with him one-on-one through the internet.

In the service, Mayweather packages were starting from £52.70 and were going up till £1,200, which is the ultimate package. As a ultimate package subscriber, it allows fans to get a guaranteed chance to get a video chat with the legendary boxer along with three signed limited trading cards.

Fanmio posted a video of Mayweather on YouTube in order to promote this service and gain public attention. In the video Mayweather explained the service and what are the perks that the fans can get from it. He said :

“I would love to invite you to Fanmio, where you can personally meet me, in a one-on-one video meet and greet. Now here’s your chance, to meet me, no matter where you at around the world. You can ask me anything, ask me about all 50 fights, ask me what’s my eating regiment, ask me what’s my best fight, ask me what’s my best knockout, ask me what I do everyday, in retirement. This event is unbelievable, you guys don’t won’t to miss out, I’ve got some exclusive pieces I will be signing just for this event. I can’t wait to meet you all, I want to meet your family, your friends.”

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Floyd Mayweather’s rumoured bankruptcy

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather

Although it is common for celebrities to use their popularity to provide such services to their fans, Mayweather was charging a massive amount or money for it. This raised questions regarding Mayweather’s financial condition as if the fighter is going short of money.

After retiring from professional boxing in 2017 with a perfect record of 50-0, Floyd Mayweather is hustling and earning for money till date. Currently, the legendary boxer has become a successful businessman with several ventures which help him earn revenues. Mayweather has also been part of exhibition bouts with other popular stars to get people to buy the tickets to see him. In 2021, Mayweather fought YouTube superstar Logan Paul in an exhibition bout which helped him earn a lot of money.

This year, Mayweather is back with another exhibition bout with his former training partner Don Moore. The event was supposed to take place in May 14 but now has been rescheduled in May 21 in Dubai at the Burj Al Arab helipad.

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