“Justin Bieber for grown men,” When Dana White left talk show audience in splits with HILARIOUS Mike Tyson comment

Dana White states Mike Tyson loves all kind of combat sports and attended UFC during it's early days

“Justin Bieber for grown men,” When Dana White left talk show audience in splits with HILARIOUS Mike Tyson comment

Dana White with Mike Tyson ( image via : MMA Mania)

Boxing Legend Mike Tyson is one of the most famous and feared boxers to have graced the sport. Tyson’s rise in the sport was nothing less of astonishing, given he had achieved what most could not at 22 years of age. With his fame and his demeanor, Tyson makes his presence known wherever he goes. UFC President Dana White had an interesting analogy for Tyson’s fame and his presence.


Mike Tyson and Dana White together attended the Jim Norton show a couple of years earlier. Tyson appeared to be very laid back and having fun during the entirety of his interview. Dana and Tyson were questioned on different amusing topics related to their life. The duo was also praised for their straightforwardness and for speaking their mind in times when people are often soft-spoken. Dana White previously dabbled in boxing and is a long-term friend of ‘Iron’ Mike. It was only natural that the UFC President was questioned about how long has he known Iron Mike.

We’ve known each other since the early boxing days since he was still a champion, ” said White. He addressed that Mike Tyson is a huge fan of all combat sports and was there when UFC started taking off. While Tyson is a huge fan of the sport himself, everyone in the sport is a huge fan of Iron Mike as well. Dana White used an interesting analogy and compared Tyson’s fame to singer and pop icon Justin Bieber.

First of all Mike Tyson is Justin Bieber for grown men. When he walks into a room, the whole room is like ‘Holy sh*t Mike Tyson is here’,” said Dana White.
Regardless of his controversial history and jail time, Tyson is well known among masses of every age group. White’s description of Tyson’s fame was accurately fitting, to say the least.


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Dana White cancels his multi-million deal with Hulu for Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson thanked Dana White for gettting him a job
Mike Tyson with Dana White ( image via : The Sun)

UFC President Dana White and Mike Tyson have known each other for quite some time. White has the utmost respect for Tyson and won’t shy away from helping the boxing legend whenever needed. Due to their friendship, Dana White also did not think twice before cancelling a multi-million dollar deal with Hulu.

Dana White was on the verge of signing a huge deal for promoting Hulu’s latest show. The show in question was about Mike Tyson’s life and his journey through the world of boxing. However, the show was not created with any involvement or consent of Mike Tyson. The streaming service wanted to strike a deal with UFC for promoting their latest show and offered to pay a very decent amount for it. However, when Tyson expressed concerns about the show and how Hulu was using his name without his consent Dana White backed out.

So, I called Mike and I said, ‘We’re in a deal with these guys, we have a verbal to do this deal with them.’ He said, ‘Dana, they’re f**** me,” said Dana White. “That’s all I had to hear. I said, ‘I’m out then. I’ll squash this deal.’ So I killed the deal and I told him that it was over,” added the UFC president. Just goes to show the amount of respect Dana White has for Mike Tyson.


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