“Either I’m paying or she’s paying,” When Floyd Mayweather revealed SHOCKING truth of his wild s*x life

Apart from his lavish spending former world champion Floyd Mayweather is well known for dating several models and celebrities

“Either I’m paying or she’s paying,” When Floyd Mayweather revealed SHOCKING truth of his wild s*x life

Floyd Mayweather pays for s*x ( image via : Daily Star)

As one of the most successful boxers in the world, Floyd Mayweather lives the most opulent lifestyle. While many are aware of the riches owned by Mayweather, he is also quite famous for his dating life. The billionaire boxer has dated several social media influencers, and models and admitted to dating multiple women at times. However, Floyd Mayweather also revealed another secret of his wild s*x life that shocked his fans.


Floyd Mayweather is a spendthrift and flamboyant personality to the core. The former boxing champion can be spotted wearing the costliest timepieces, flashiest clothes and rare sneakers. His extravagant displays of wealth are also accompanied by multiple beautiful women. The boxer has admitted that he does not link up with only women at a time as he thinks having one is close to having none. However, Mayweather also revealed that nothing comes for free, including his s*x life.

During his Instagram Live, Floyd Mayweather stated that he does nothing for free. He also added that he does not even f**k for free. A weird and shocking revelation from Mayweather, considering the fame he’s achieved. ” Either I’m paying her or she’s paying me. At the end of the day after all that paper, they keep saying Floyd bought this girl this, Floyd bought this girl that, ” said Floyd on his live stream.

Floyd Mayweather also explained his weird reason for paying for s*x.” Like I said before my man, I’m not no trick, I’m a sponsor. I put that money behind you to elevate you to the next level. If you’re willing to go the next level,” said Floyd. While the whole statement is a bit shocking, Mayweather has spent a good amount of money on strippers. Mayweather also has his own strip club in Las Vegas where he’s seen partying frequently.


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Floyd Mayweather reveals dating multiple women at the same time

Floyd Mayweather dating multiple women
Floyd Mayweather admitted to dating multiple women ( image via : Daily Mail)

Considered one of the most successful boxers in the history of the sport, Floyd Mayweather is known for living an affluent lifestyle. T.B.E throws the flashiest parties, and owns the fastest cars and the biggest houses. He does not hold himself down to any one thing and has many different alternatives. The same can also be said about Mayweather’s dating life.

Apart from his lavish spending, Mayweather has also made headlines due to his dating portfolio. The former 5 division champion is often snapped with different women. He also does not like holding himself down to any one woman either. During his weird interview on the Youtube channel Awkward Puppets, Floyd Mayweather talked about his dating life in detail. Diego, the puppet and the interviewer asked Mayweather how many girlfriends he has. ” I’m about seven deep. Because having one is too close to having none,” said Mayweather explaining his view.

Mayweather later on also enlightened Diego with some advice on his marriage. ” Get fuckin’ divorced! You get fuckin’ divorced. You bring your wife here,” said Mayweather as invited Diego to his strip club along with his wife. Floyd also displayed his wealth and flashed some dollars, making the whole interview pretty absurd yet great comedy.


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