Undefeated 25-year-old Shakur Stevenson only ‘few years’ away from making $300 million like Floyd Mayweather

"The Fearless" continues to rise up the ranks and the money ladder.

Undefeated 25-year-old Shakur Stevenson only ‘few years’ away from making $300 million like Floyd Mayweather

Shakur Stevenson and Floyd Mayweather (Image Sources - InsideSport.in/ESPN)

Shakur Stevenson is said to be a rising prospect in boxing. Many opponents fear his speed and knockout ability in the ring. As he climbs up the ranks, his fame has skyrocketed. The undefeated fighter is set to take on more formidable opponents like Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney. Recently, ‘The Fearless’ spoke on how he was getting closer to being a multi-millionaire like boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

In a recent interview, Shakur Stevenson seemed pumped up for his next fight. The fighter called out every contender in the division and talked about being the greatest. Following that conversation, ‘The Fearless’ name dropped Floyd Mayweather. The American boxer compared himself to ‘Money’ as he was known to have made $300 million from a single bout.

People said it will never happen again,” said Shakur Stevenson. The fighter was referencing the fact that fans believe Floyd Mayweather to be a one-of-a-kind fighter when it comes to wealth. However, ‘The Fearless’ disagrees. “They say ‘Floyd did that and nobody else would do that again’ and people are so sure. But, Floyd didn’t even know he was gonna do that when he was doing that. Honestly I just know my path and where I’m going. I’m focused, I’m excited,” said Stevenson.

In a few years I can make 200 to 300 million dollars,” said Shakur Stevenson. ‘The Fearless’ firmly believes that he would take on Floyd Mayweather to become a multi-millionaire. Fans are excited to witness the American fighter continue to grow and put his boxing skills on display.

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Shakur Stevenson bashes Gervonta Davis’ team following callout

Shakur Stevenson  Gervonta Davis
Shakur Stevenson calls out Gervonta Davis (Image Sources – Bad Left Hook/Fox News)

Gervonta Davis is said to be a tough competitor for Shakur Stevenson. Following the beatdown delivered to Ryan Garcia, ‘Tank’ is on the lookout for the next contenders. The fighter’s trainer Kenny Ellis revealed that he wanted to fight ‘The Fearless’ for his next bout. Upon referencing this in the interview with FightHype.com, an enraged Stevenson went on a tirade against Davis and his team.

He’s trying to get his clout up right now,” said Shakur Stevenson about Gervonta Davis‘ trainer. He also said, “You also gotta understand, it’s coming from somebody with no power. He’s not going to be in the negotiations. He’s going to be the person who gives him water, wiping his face off. The thing I don’t understand about it, you got the coaches, and dads, they all talking towards me. I don’t got nobody behind me. My team is a great team.

Due to a name drop on a potential fight match-up by Kenny Ellis for Gervonta Davis, Shakur Stevenson set off. ‘The Fearless’ does not prefer the team trash-talking the fighter and believes the competitor should step in the trainer’s place.

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