Breaking: Bryan Alvarez reveals identity of RETRIBUTION members

While team RETRIBUTION continues to wreck havoc in WWE, both RAW and SmackDown, Bryan Alcaraz has revealed the possible identity of RETRIBUTION based on hair colour.

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Breaking: Bryan Alvarez reveals identity of RETRIBUTION members 2

There is a strange type of hype in the WWE from last two weeks. It started when WWE introduced a new group which could be seen dresses in black. The group threw Molotov Cocktails on the Performance Centers generator. Later on, the groups name was revealed as the RETRIBUTION. It was the debut of the group and the reason behind it beas cited as  power outages and issues with the mic.

But the group is in total hype since then as it has wrecked havoc all over WWE, both RAW and SmackDown. It has attacked the crowd and has destroyed the ring setup for the show also.

Now, on this week’s episode of WWE RAW, the group RETRIBUTION threw a cinderblock through a glass door. Further, over on WWE SmackDown, it interfered in Big E and John Morrison’s match. The disturbance by RETRIBUTION led to match being pushed to later in the night. When the match started later on, it wrecked havoc again but in the backstage.


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On Sunday’s Wrestling Observer, Bryan Alvarez spoke about the group. He said he had noticed the hair of one of the members of the group.

“On SmackDown, the woman Retribution member who appeared in the opening segment [when] the lights went out and they came back on and there was a female Retribution member – if you look carefully, you will notice that the ends of her hair are dyed purple. Well lo and behold, on the show last week, there was a woman in the crowd who Retribution beat up and in fact, the ends of her hair were purple because, in fact, it was the same woman. Because the people under the masks are just whoever they’ve got at any given moment. Those are not the actual final Retribution members so they just throw whoever under the mask and if you’re paying attention you can figure out that the person who got beat up last week is actually playing one of the members this week.”

From this observation, it seems the woman with purple ends may be Jessi Kamea and the one with red hair may be Santana Garret.