Top star calls out Sami Zayn for allegedly being behind the breakup of top factions in WWE

Sami Zayn made a new enemy in the form of Bronson Reed, who attacked him backstage on Raw.

Top star calls out Sami Zayn for allegedly being behind the breakup of top factions in WWE

Sami Zayn (via WWE)

Sami Zayn has got a new target on his back in the form of Bronson Reed. Although the newly crowned Intercontinental Champion is loved by the WWE Universe, the Aussie tried to paint the overall picture from a different perspective. He held Zayn responsible for the breakup of many top factions in WWE.

The 35-year-old star took to X and responded to a fan’s post, which showed Sami Zayn as the reason behind the recent breakups of the top factions. Bronson Reed backed the conspiracy and called Zayn a “worm” for destroying the stables from within. He also reprimanded the fans who still kept cheering for him.

Without a doubt, Zayn has been involved the most with The Bloodline faction. He betrayed Roman Reigns and smashed a chair on his back at Royal Rumble 2023. However, the real downfall of the dominant faction started when Zayn and Kevin Owens won the tag team titles at WrestleMania 39. The Bloodline was never the same after Jey Uso started his journey as a singles star after SummerSlam. 

Now people are starting to see the WORM that I've been talking about.
Bronson Reed on X

When the 39-year-old defeated Gunther and won the I.C. title at WrestleMania XL, the dynamics of the factions, Imperium and The Alpha Academy, completely changed. Chad Gable attacked Zayn and insulted all of his students, solidifying his heel turn in the process. Meanwhile, Imperium also fell apart after Ludwig Kaiser brutally attacked his partner, Giovanni Vinci

Bronson Reed warned Sami Zayn after launching a vicious attack backstage

While Sami Zayn was addressing the Chad Gable situation on the latest episode of Raw, Bronson Reed told the former that he was focusing on the wrong man. When the I.C. Champion ignored his warning, Reed brutally attacked him backstage. After the attack, the Aussie wrestler sent a message to the 39-year-old on social media.

Sami Zayn and Bronson Reed
Sami Zayn and Bronson Reed (via WWE)

Reed took to X and asserted that he was the biggest threat to The Underdog from the Underground and his Intercontinental title. His message was clear: he wanted the championship Zayn was holding. The 35-year-old star further berated him by calling him a master manipulator and a fraud.

Chad, back of the line. Sheamus, back of the line. I'm speaking the truth WWE universe it's time to start listening Sami, you are fraud. 
Bronson Reed on X

With so many challengers stepping up to receive a title opportunity, Sami Zayn has a lot to worry about. As of now, his opponent for the Backlash PLE has not been confirmed yet. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see whether attacking the champion will prove beneficial for Bronson Reed or not.

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