Caitlin Clark MUST get Michael Jordan treatment, claims Gilbert Arenas after Olympics snub

Caitlin Clark might soon become the face of the WNBA.

Caitlin Clark MUST get Michael Jordan treatment, claims Gilbert Arenas after Olympics snub

Caitlin Clark and Michael Jordan

Gilbert Arenas, former NBA player and current analyst, has made a bold statement on his show, Gil’s Arena, as he called for Caitlin Clark to receive the same treatment as Michael Jordan. Arenas believes that Clark, the rising star in the WNBA, deserves special treatment and rule changes to accommodate her unique style of play.

Agent Zero drew parallels between Clark’s situation and Jordan’s when he first entered the league. Just as Jordan’s popularity and skill level led to rule changes and special treatment, Gilbert Arenas argues that Clark’s talent and fame warrant similar consideration. He notes that while Caitlin Clark may not be better than her WNBA predecessors, her fame and impact on the game are undeniable.

You can hit her all you want right now. The league itself is going to change it for them. When Jordan came in and everybody was hitting on him and the NBA identified, ‘this is the golden goose for the league, they changed the rules for him. There’s going to be a point in time where she’s (Caitlin Clark) going to be the face of it all... The game is gonna be changed for her style which is going to benefit all the girls who play like that.
Gilbert Arenas said on the Gil’s Arena

Arenas’ comments come on the heels of Clark’s snub from the Olympic team, which sparked widespread debate and discussion. Arenas believes that the league will eventually recognize Clark’s value and adapt to her playing style, just as it did with Jordan. He predicts that Clark will become the face of the WNBA and that her influence will benefit all players who share her style.

While some may view Arenas’ comments as hyperbole, they underscore the growing recognition of Clark’s talent and the shifting landscape of women’s basketball. As a rookie in the WNBA, Clark is currently averaging 16.8 points, 6.3 assists and 5.3 rebounds through 12 games. 

Caitlin Clark snubbed from Olympic roster due to lack of experience 

According to selection committee chair Jen Rizzotti, Caitlin Clark’s lack of experience was a major factor in her omission from the Olympic roster. Rizzotti acknowledged the external pressure to select Clark but emphasized that the committee’s decision was based on specific criteria, including playing ability, position, and adaptability to the international game.

Here's the basketball criteria that we were given as a committee and how do we evaluate our players based on that? And when you base your decision on criteria, there were other players that were harder to cut because they checked a lot more boxes. Then sometimes it comes down to position, style of play for [coach Cheryl Reeve] and then sometimes a vote.
Jen Rizzotti told The Associated Press in an interview

Rizzotti explained that the committee evaluated players based on their performance in high-level games, and Clark’s limited experience made it difficult to justify her selection. She also noted that marketing and popularity were not considered in the decision-making process, as the committee’s sole focus was on creating the best team for coach Cheryl Reeve.

USA Basketball CEO Jim Tooley echoed Rizzotti’s sentiments, highlighting the importance of senior national team experience and the need for a balanced team with a mix of veterans, newcomers, and players in between. Tooley expressed hope that Clark would continue to develop and become a valuable asset to the national team in the future.

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