Caitlyn Jenner hits back at critics comparing OJ Simpson alleged ‘brutal murder’ to her involvement in fatal car crash

Jenner rear-ended a vehicle which resulted in the death of a woman in 2015.

Caitlyn Jenner hits back at critics comparing OJ Simpson alleged ‘brutal murder’ to her involvement in fatal car crash

O.J. Simpson and Caitlyn Jenner (via IMAGO/ Sports Illustrated)

The recent passing of O.J. Simpson, the legendary football player-turned-controversial figure following his infamous murder trial in 1995, has resulted in mixed responses from fans and celebrities. The majority of the comments did not show any remorse or sorrow towards him despite the fact that he passed away due to cancer. Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner who was married to Kris Jenner after her split from Robert Kardashian, one of OJ Simpson’s best friends and part of his criminal defense team, issued a rather ruthless tweet once the news of his death was made public.

Caitlyn Jenner tweeted out “Good riddance” and hash-tagged OJ Simpson‘s name to make sure her followers knew whom she was referring to. Jenner has expressed her dislike of Simpson in the past. However, her post on X backfired as fans pointed out her hypocrisy by bringing up the 2015 car crash which she caused and led to the death of a woman. Jenner quickly responded to her critics.

I know you all think it's cute to compare a fatal car accident (with multiple vehicles involved) to a BRUTAL MURDER...But remember...OJ said something to the effect of...I could kill her (Nicole) and get away with it bc I'm O.J. Simpson.
Caitlyn Jenner on X

Caitlyn Jenner settled with the family of the victim who lost her life in the car crash

Jenner brought up the statement alleged to have been made by OJ Simpson wherein he threatened Nicole Brown Simpson of killing her and getting away with it. She revealed this during an appearance on Australia’s Big Brother VIP show in November 2021 and stated that Brown had revealed this to Kris Jenner.

Caitlyn Jenner and O.J. Simpson
Caitlyn Jenner (L) and OJ Simpson (R) [Image via Imago]

The car crash incident being addressed in this instance took place in 2015. Caitlyn Jenner was driving her SUV that was towing an ATV on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. She ended up rear-ending a Lexus which led to the car being thrust into oncoming traffic. The Lexus was hit by a Hummer resulting in the death of Kim Howe, the driver of the Lexus. Jenner hit another vehicle, a Prius but fortunately, the driver of the car was able to escape with just minor injuries.

The matter was resolved through an out-of-court settlement wherein Caitlyn Jenner apologized to Howe’s family and Jessica Steindorff, the driver of the Prius. She settled with them by offering an undisclosed sum of money which was paid for by her insurance company. She compensated the family in the Hummer with $800,000 as well.

The District Attorney’s office did not press charges citing a lack of evidence. They failed to prove a degree of ordinary negligence to find her guilty of vehicular manslaughter. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recommended that Jenner be charged but it was not their final decision.

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