Jordan Love, with a straight face, breaks down the kind of relationship he has with ex-Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Jordan Love gets candid on the kind of relationship he had with Aaron Rodgers.

Jordan Love, with a straight face, breaks down the kind of relationship he has with ex-Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers (L) and Jordan Love (R) (via Imago)

After the departure of the legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love took over the Packers’ legacy and to everyone’s surprise, led them into the playoffs. The Green Bay Packers surprised everyone after beating the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs in a battle that was considered dubbed a David vs Goliath.


After his phenomenal performance, the Packers fans started comparing Love with Aaron Rodgers. Love was in his first year as a starter but he definitely punched above his weight. Many fans even started comparing him to Aaron Rodgers and many portrayed him as the Packers’ next franchise QB.

In a recent interview, Jordan Love cleared the air regarding his relationship with the former Packers quarterback. Love claimed that both had a fantastic relationship despite him being the backup quarterback. He also admitted that Aaron Rodgers helped him to shine as a QB.

We do have a great relationship. Obviously, I was in the quarterback room with him. When you are there in the room every day for more than multiple hours, so you know how to build a relationship with everybody that's in the room. The quarterback and the quarterback coaches. Its awesome that you know you have the bond. We have a good relationship and like you said the comparisons that's always going to happen. The media is always going to compare everybody in the league. You know, you want to compare all the situations.
Jordan Love said in a conversation on Thananalysis Show.

Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love have different aspirations going into the next season

Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love will have different goals in the coming season. Rodgers’ much-hyped venture with the New York Jets lasted only 75 seconds. Amid all the excitement from the Jets’ fans, their QB couldn’t even finish the first drive as a New York Jet.

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers (Image via Imago)

He earned $1 million per second he spent on the field after the Achilles Tendon injury, that ruined all hopes of a Super Bowl run for the New York-based team. Other teams will be taking notes and will think twice before giving a huge contract to a veteran after seeing Rodgers’ injury. So next season, Jets fans will have high expectations from their ‘costly’ star quarterback.

Jordan Love, in the next season, will try to have better targets. After he proved himself as a starter, the quarterback will try to achieve more. The Packers have the potential to reach the playoffs easily and with added weapons, they’d want to better their result from last season.

It is to be seen whether both quarterbacks get what they are aiming for. The New York Jets have put enough weapons for Aaron Rodgers, especially with Mike Williams’ addition. After the team had a setback last year, they are desperate to turn the table.

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