“We’re going to enjoy it,” Carlos Alcaraz beams with pride as he scripts history at 2024 Roland Garros

The 21-year-old has finally made his dream come true.

“We’re going to enjoy it,” Carlos Alcaraz beams with pride as he scripts history at 2024 Roland Garros

Carlos Alcaraz with his French Open trophy (Image via Imago)

Spanish tennis ace Carlos Alcaraz is living the dream as the 21-year-old clinched his maiden French Open title. The Spaniard beat Alexander Zverev in a five-set thriller on Sunday evening to be crowned the new Roland Garros champion. It was a dream-come-true moment for Alcaraz who has grown up watching the likes of Rafael Nadal dominating the clay-court Grand Slam tournament.

Although Alcaraz has two more Grand Slam tournaments on two other surfaces, this one is dearer to him. The 21-year-old feels extremely proud to have achieved this feat at such a young age. Alcaraz says that this win will remain with him and his family for a long time.

For me it is a pride to be in the history of our sport. Putting my name, a kid from El Palmar, from Murcia, who achieves historical records, is something wonderful for me, for my family and for all my people. It is something that we're going to enjoy it and I hope they don't take it away from me soon.
Carlos Alcaraz said after his win in Paris.

Notably, Carlos Alcaraz became the youngest player to win a Grand Slam tournament on all three surfaces. While the 21-year-old already had a US Open title and a Wimbledon title, Alcaraz won his maiden French Open title in the first attempt. It is to be seen how many more he can win from here.

Carlos Alcaraz achieves what he once dreamt for!

Carlos Alcaraz confessed that it was a dream for him to win a title at Roland Garros and the Spaniard made it happen on Sunday evening. Alcaraz looked back at the journey he went through at the 2024 Roland Garros before eventually lifting the title.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz (Image via Imago)

The 21-year-old then recalled how he had always dreamt of winning the title at the French Open. Now that he has finally laid hands on that elusive title, Alcaraz feels like it is a dream-come-true moment for him and he will celebrate it with family.

It was a great journey this last two weeks, since the first match until today. This tournament [is one] I wanted to win since I was a little kid, when I watched this tournament since I was five, six years old. It’s something great for me; a dream come true, and something I’m going to enjoy with my people.
Carlos Alcaraz said after his 2024 French Open win. (H/T: Eurosport)

Notably, Alcaraz’s campaign at the 2024 Roland Garros was a special one considering the fact that he was down and out with an injury before the Grand Slam tournament. The 21-year-old was nursing a forearm injury and missed the Rome Masters due to that. However, Alcaraz not only competed at the French Open but played like a true champion to go all the way.

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