“Mental strength wins matches,” Carlos Alcaraz reveals his success mantra after clinching his maiden French Open title

The 21-year-old is among the players who are known for their mental toughness.

“Mental strength wins matches,” Carlos Alcaraz reveals his success mantra after clinching his maiden French Open title

Carlos Alcaraz (Image via Imago)

21-year-old Carlos Alcaraz beat an opponent six years older than him in his first French Open final. Alcaraz beat Alexander Zverev 6-3 2-6 5-7 6-1 6-2 after a hard-fought battle and won his maiden title at the Roland Garros. But it was not an easy win for the Spaniard. He had to fight for every point and more than physical strength, it required mental toughness for Alcaraz to overcome the Zverev challenge.

After winning the first set, Alcaraz was blown away in the second set as his opponent came storming back. The third set was an intense one for the Spaniard but he fought. Saved crucial match points to stay in the hunt but Zverev eventually won the third set as well.

This meant that Alcaraz was trailing 1-2 after three sets and one mistake from there would have cost him the match. But it did not happen because Alcaraz kept reminding himself about the importance of the occasion. After the win, the 21-year-old talked about the importance of mental strength at such tournaments where the competition is fierce.

Carlos Alcaraz reveals the lesson he learnt at 2024 Roland Garros

Carlos Alcaraz talked about the lesson he learned at 2024 Roland Garros. The 21-year-old said that he realized the importance of elite mental strength at such high-intensity tournaments. Alcaraz claimed that while playing your best tennis is mandatory, possessing that mental toughness is equally important.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz (Via Imago)

The three-time Grand Slam champion further said that players who are mentally strong can reign supreme even if they don’t play their best tennis.

The lesson I have learned from this tournament is that mental strength wins matches. That is the lesson I have learned at Roland Garros. It is not necessary to play brilliantly, it is not necessary to play my best tennis or my version of tennis to win. Also, you win a lot with your head. If you are mentally weak, even if you play the best tennis of your life, you probably won't overcome adversity or win a Grand Slam tournament. 
Carlos Alcaraz said after his win in Paris. (H/T: Puntodobreak)

Notably, Alcaraz has often earned praise for his mental strength. The Spaniard has exhibited that he can handle pressure better than anyone else. The intense Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic was the best exhibition of Alcaraz’s mental toughness. Now, he has another win to show how strong he is in the head.

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