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“Continued to chart a path that is all his own”: Carmelo Anthony launches a production house name ‘creative 7’ following famous athletes

Carmelo Anthony establishes production house

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is no stranger to the NBA. The veteran player has had some of his best and worst moments throughout his struggling career. The former New York Knick star made his debut alongside the legend LeBron James. He was one of the most cheered played after him. He even gave some of the toughest condition before LeBron James could get to ROTY trophy. However, Carmelo Anthony has also seen doomed days. The fervour player has now stepped into a new verse.


Carmelo Anthony was always on and off in his NBA career. After a great start with the Knicks, Melo moved out from the franchise following which his hard time started. Ever since he moved out, he was inconsistent.  Melo never found the same momentum with other teams. Be it Houston Rockets or Oklahoma City Thunder, he was never his best that he portrayed with Denver Nuggets or the Knicks. After sitting out of the NBA he was given a chance on temporary contract with Portland Trail Blazers. To everyone’s utter surprise Melo proved that he has still got a lot of gas left in him.

Carmelo Anthony reasons his idea behind Creative 7 production house

Carmelo Anthony’s career is still very sceptical. As his contract nears an end, the chances are very mild that he will continue. But the veteran has now opened up a production house of his own. ‘Creative 7’ is the production house that Melo has recently established after getting inspired by fellow athletes. He said, “Honestly, the way that Dwayne Johnson has approached the business is unparalleled. He came at it with the approach that he was just going to do the work, build a legacy and let his resume speak for itself. He put in the hard work and the commitment to change the game, and has continued to chart a path that is all his own.”


Movies and TV shows have a huge impact on every individual. Anthony has been around players like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade who have previously achieved this feat. More importantly he is inspired by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Moreover, Anthony visualizes to bring out inclusive narratives that haven’t been out.

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