Carmelo Hayes sends heartwarming message after 25-year-old star becomes inaugural champion on NXT Battleground

Kelani Jordan emerged victorious in a six-pack ladder match to become the inaugural Women's North American Champion.

Carmelo Hayes sends heartwarming message after 25-year-old star becomes inaugural champion on NXT Battleground

Carmelo Hayes (via WWE)

The six-woman ladder match to crown the inaugural Women’s North American Champion took place during NXT Battleground. After an enthralling encounter filled with memorable spots, Kelani Jordan made history by retrieving the title. As such, the WWE Universe online celebrated the moment, including the 25-year-old star’s biggest fan, Carmelo Hayes.

The SmackDown star sent a heartwarming message following his real-life partner’s huge win. Hayes took to X and expressed how proud he was of Jordan. Moreover, the former NXT Champion heaped praise by pointing out how hard she worked to finally get her reward. Nonetheless, he’s looking forward to the first NXT North American Championship reign, as he knows that Kelani Jordan won’t disappoint at all.

Speaking of the ladder match, all six women delivered on the night. Sol Ruca showcased her acrobatic background, while the likes of Lash Legend and Fallon Henley displayed how much they’ve improved. In fact, fans called it the best match of the PLE. Despite losing, the performances by each woman gave a glimpse into the bright future of the division.

CHILLS! So proud of this girl. Legit hardest worker I know. She gonna set the bar high with that title!!
Carmelo Hayes (via X)

After the introduction of a mid-card title on the black and gold brand, many are hoping that the same will be implemented soon on the main roster. Given the depth and talent of the current women’s division, the introduction of a singles championship has been long overdue. Therefore, it’ll be interesting to see whether WWE follows in the footsteps of its developmental brand soon.

Carmelo Hayes continued his rivalry with LA Knight on SmackDown

Since arriving on the main roster, Carmelo Hayes has put almost every veteran on notice. Whether it be Bobby Lashley or Randy Orton, the 29-year-old star doesn’t care how big the name is. Recently, the former NXT Champion has caught the attention of LA Knight.

Carmelo Hayes and LA Knight
Carmelo Hayes and LA Knight (via WWE)

For weeks, the two have exchanged back-and-forth jabs during backstage segments and on social media. During the latest episode of SmackDown, The Megastar had enough of the cocky young star’s attitude. As such, the two settled their differences inside the ring.

After a decent bout, Knight used his veteran instincts to roll-up Hayes for the win. Regardless, the feud looks to be far from over, despite the former Eli Drake’s intention to go after the US title. Moreover, HIM will focus on regaining his momentum following the disappointing loss.

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