“What the fu*k she’s nuts”- Wrestling fans blown away by 24-year-old female WWE star’s insane display of strength 

Sol Ruca does not fail to impress with her strength and athleticism.

“What the fu*k she’s nuts”- Wrestling fans blown away by 24-year-old female WWE star’s insane display of strength 

Sol Ruca displays insane feat of strength (via WWE and @solsrvca/X)

WWE Superstars are known for their inhuman acts of strength, agility, and athleticism. They must be on top of their game when it comes to their fitness. To achieve this, they leave everything they have in the gym, and Sol Ruca is no exception to this rule.

A video of Ruca training in her gym ahead of her NXT North American Women’s Championship ladder match qualifier has been trending on social media. The video consisted of the 24-year-old sitting on her gym floor. She grabbed a hanging rope and started to pull herself upwards towards the ceiling. 

Ruca pulled herself all the way up to the top, using her core and arm strength. After reaching the peak, she graciously climbs down the rope without losing control and drops to the floor. The Californian wrestler is the perfect blend of power and agility. Apart from these feats of strength, she is also able to perform high-flying moves in the ring, such as springboard backflip cutters.

Similarly to Tiffany Stratton, Sol Ruca owes her athleticism to her previous gymnastics training. She trained in her home state with Wildfire Gymnastics. Furthermore, she also joined the acrobatics and tumbling teams at the University of Oregon. During her time at college, she also became a national gymnastics champion.

Wrestling world is blown away by the feats of strength displayed by Sol Ruca

The wrestling world was shocked by this feat of strength by the young superstar. While WWE likes to exaggerate the performances of their superstars in the gym, Ruca’s feat of strength was caught on camera, and there was no refuting it.

Sol Ruca
Sol Ruca (via WWE)

Fans have seen videos of other female WWE superstars like Charlotte Flair, Natalya, and The Bella Twins hitting the gym. However, none of them had been as impressive as the rising NXT Superstar. Social media users were quick to point out how much the standard of athleticism had risen in WWE. 

Several netizens claimed that Sol Ruca was long overdue for a push. She has tremendous potential, and PWI even named her Rookie of the Year in 2023. They claimed that she should be the frontrunner to win the NXT North American Women’s Championship and be given a chance to prove herself in the women’s mid-card division.

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