Caster Ocean Sharma Clear Rumors on PUBG Mobile India Website Release Date

The leaker further tried justifying the rumors with the help of "PUBG Mobile developers Project MI".

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PUBG Mobile India Website

A famous Indian streamer, caster, and content creator Ocean Sharma abolish the rumors on the PUBG Mobile India release date. In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Ocean clear doubts of the audience. He discards the fake information circulating in the Indian gaming scene. “You guys have waked me up for this fake information”, the caster quoted saying in his video.

PUBG Mobile India Website: Rumors & Information

As per the leaks, the PUBG Mobile India website is giving clues about the relaunch of the game in India. The source for these rumors is YouTuber ZeroSprayGaming. If you right-click on the screen, the Inspect tool will show you the actual details of the page. And, when you translate the information written in Korean language, it states that the release date of PUBG Mobile India is 17 February. However, all these rumors are not true, as per Ocean Sharma.

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Inspect Mode Demonstration

Misinformation regarding the unban date of PUBG Mobile India is circulating across the web. A lot of YouTube channels, mostly newbies, are publishing news and videos on the fake PUBG Mobile India release date.

The leaker further tried justifying the rumors with the help of “PUBG Mobile developers Project MI”. The information when decoded resulted in nothing but a shape of a bunker – a part of the new Karakin Map in PUBG Mobile.

Ocean Sharma beautifully cleared all the doubts of his fans. “Even if PUBG Mobile comes back, it will return with a whole new name”, he continued.

Karakin Map is coming soon in PUBG Mobile. The small size of the map reduces the game time and makes it even more interesting. “This map is an amalgamation of Miramar’s tension and Sanhok’s fast-paced gameplay”, said the PUBG Mobile developers.

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