WATCH: ‘Candid’ Chad Johnson, in LeBron James’ presence, tells Sauce Gardner he would ‘cook him’ on the field

Both Chad Johnson and Sauce Gardner appeared on 'The Shop' and discussed who would come out on top if they went head to head.

WATCH: ‘Candid’ Chad Johnson, in LeBron James’ presence, tells Sauce Gardner he would ‘cook him’ on the field

Sauce Gardner claimed he can easily shut down Chad Johnson in his prime (Image via IMAGO/ X)

Sauce Gardner is confident that he could shut down Chad Johnson (Ocho) in his prime. Well, he is part of the New York Jets defense that has given up the fifth-fewest total yards and third-fewest passing yards. 


In just two years with the franchise, Gardner has won two All-Pro titles, laying his claim as the best cornerback in the league. Naturally, he would have the confidence to mark any receiver, whether present or from the past.

Both Gardner and Johnson, along with Travis Scott and Ice Spice, were guests at LeBron James‘ new YouTube show, ‘The Shop.’ Even before sitting down on the chair, the retired NFL receiver called Gardner his ‘cousin’ because of their roots in Cincinnati. The 46-year-old starred for the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL, while Gardner played for the University of Cincinnati in college. 

The show’s co-host, Maverick Carter, asked Johnson if he and Gardner had to line up against each other and what the outcome would be. He replied,

He don't. They have to rethink his contract. His is my boy, but respectfully, I don't play that.
Chad Johnson said

Gardner revealed that he watched Ocho and Santana Moss tear up the NFL. However, it will be easy to shut him down because he is past his prime, to which Ocho interrupted him.

Wait, wait, wait! Let me answer that. I am still in my prime.
Chad Johnson said

It did very little to intimidate the former Bearcat, who calmly replied.

It's easy for real man. Just get your hands on him. He was not strong like that. He wasn't trying to block.
Sauce Gardner said

Johnson felt slightly pushed to a corner, but he fought back with a cheeky reply.

Nah! I wasn't physically imposing at all. But one thing no one can do with me. You see these things down here [shows his feet]. I am not saying I am Ray Charles but I won't see him.
Johnson added

Sauce Gardner will be traveling a lot in 2024

Since joining the league, Sauce Gardner has won several accolades. Despite his overwhelming success as a tailback, the 23-year-old revealed he will expand his horizons in the 2024 season.

WATCH: 'Candid' Chad Johnson, in LeBron James' presence, tells Sauce Gardner he would 'cook him' on the field
New York Jets CB Sauce Gardner warms up prior to game featuring the Houston Texans and the New York Jets on December 10, 2023 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford (Image via IMAGO)
Everybody gets tired, but I want to travel. I'm going to be traveling this year, so stay tuned. I already talked to my defensive coordinator about it.
Sauce Gardner told Ocho and James

It will be interesting to see if Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich and head coach Robert Saleh will allow Gardner to switch positions. So far, they have not allowed their young CB to travel with opposing receivers. One thing is for sure: he will not be the only one benefiting from the upgrade.

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