WATCH: Charles Barkley, Draymond, and Kenny Smith BLUNTLY call ‘cap’ on Karl-Anthony Towns claiming to make ‘1500 shots a day’

Karl Anthony Towns is only averaging 15 points per game in the Western Conference finals.

WATCH: Charles Barkley, Draymond, and Kenny Smith BLUNTLY call ‘cap’ on Karl-Anthony Towns claiming to make ‘1500 shots a day’

Karl Anthony Towns gets trolled by Draymond Green, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley

As Karl-Anthony Towns is known to be one of the few centers who can shoot, it was inevitable that the star would receive criticism for his performance in the Western Conference finals. But to add fuel to the already poor shooting in Game 3, KAT claimed that he shoots 1500 shots per day in the post-game interview. This did not sit well with the Inside crew as they did not hesitate to call out Towns.

Karl-Anthony Towns called his situation ‘tough’ after scoring well in the playoffs but struggling in the West Conference finals. As the Inside the NBA crew reacted to KAT’s statement, the hosts could not get over his ‘1500 shots a day’ claim. Draymond Green hilariously asked Ernie Johnson if he knows what ‘cap’ means to accuse Anthony Towns of dishonesty.

You know what cap means?…KAT capping. Ain't nobody shooting 1500 shots a day right now. 
Draymond Green On Inside the NBA

Kenny Smith joined the trolling as he quickly did the math for the time KAT would require to make that many shots and also concluded the claim to be ‘cap’. Charles Barkley also agreed with others as he brought up the center’s stats of shooting percentages. To add the cherry on top Smith hilariously wore a cap to troll KAT even further.

For the last three games, the Timberwolves center has been shooting below 30% from the field. To make matters worse the star attempted a total of eight three-pointers in Game 3 but was unable to make any of them. With KAT’s underwhelming contribution, the Timberwolves have lost their three consecutive games in the series.

Shaquille O’Neal finds Karl Anthony Towns 0/8 ‘unacceptable’

Keeping the jokes aside, Shaquille O’Neal expressed serious disappointment with KAT’s noncontributing performance. Being a center himself Shaq, was unhappy that Towns did not help Anthony Edwards as the opposing duo had 33 points each.

The 28-year-old’s 0/8 performance from beyond the arc was ‘unacceptable’ for Shaq. According to the four-time champion, KAT should have played his part inside the three-point line as he was struggling from outside of it.

You have to do your job. Karl Anthony Towns has not stepped up. 0/8 from three is unacceptable. After you shoot two threes and it don’t go down take your big ass in the lane and do what Chuck has been talking about. 
Shaquille O’Neal on NBA on TNT

After his disappointing outings in the first two games, Edwards stepped up in Game 3 and dropped 26 points but received close to no help. None of the players including Towns, failed to touch the mark of 20 points. The Timberwolves are now one loss away from getting eliminated from the competition.

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