“I wish I had a job next year…” Charles Barkley jokes about NBA on TNT ending during Stanley Cup Finals

Barkley has built his on-screen reputation off the quick-witted banter that he engages in.

“I wish I had a job next year…” Charles Barkley jokes about NBA on TNT ending during Stanley Cup Finals

Charles Barkley jokes about Inside the NBA on TNT ending during the Stanley Cup Finals

Inside the NBA on TNT will run its last course next year. The crew, as well as the entire basketball world, knows this and are unhappy about the decision from Warner Brothers Discovery. Charles Barkley naturally jokes about it. He again did that at the Stanley Cup Finals.

He was a guest on ESPN’s half-time show Inside The Rink. There, host Steve Levy joked about Barkley joining ESPN.

Listen, I wish I had a job next year. I'm on LinkedIn. I put on my resume, they are like 'You never had a real job'. I said that's not my fault.
Charles Barkley replied

Barkley knows the entire dilemma surrounding the show has become a talking point. But what better way than to joke about it and suggest that he is on the lookout for a job.

A huge hockey fan, Charles Barkley, was in the rink to watch Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Edmonton Oilers and the Florida Panthers. It is also unsurprising that, considering his fame, the ESPN crew had to bring him on and get two words in.

But co-panelist P.K. Subban suggested that Barkley should come to ESPN. A discussion Barkley had to get out of with this joke. After all, he is still contracted to TNT. But it seems he is in talks with other networks including ESPN.

Charles Barkley dodging the question suggests he is actively talking to networks

Charles Barkley needs to find a job before the Inside the NBA show takes its last take next year. From the above conversation, it seems that he has already begun discussions with other networks. He is the most coveted NBA analyst on TV. Therefore, it is not surprising that ESPN of all networks has already initiated dialogues with him.

He might have joked about and ridiculed ESPN before, but he knows that it might be one of the best openings for him. Barkley is 61 years old and has suggested that he might not be around on television for long. This means any upcoming decision could be the last one of his broadcasting career.

There is still an option for him and the rest of the Inside the NBA crew to create their own show. But time will tell which direction the Round Mound of Rebound chooses to go.

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