“Bunch of f**king losers!” Charles Barkley goes on a rant against ‘grown’ people who made a big deal out of the Eclipse

Barkley mocks 'losers' watching total solar eclipse.

“Bunch of f**king losers!” Charles Barkley goes on a rant against ‘grown’ people who made a big deal out of the Eclipse

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley has made a name for himself for being extremely honest and unapologetic when he discusses topics ranging from his beloved game of basketball to politics. However, his recent remark on the solar eclipse has ignited controversy and amusement, portraying a typical Barkley situation. 


The ‘Round Mound of Rebound’ was left unimpressed over the celestial event that occurred on April 8th, and he boldly expressed himself while as a guest on The Pat McAfee Show. His blunt response to the excitement around the eclipse triggered laughter among the guests. 

A bunch of f**king losers, man. I can understand if you’re like a little kid or something, but these adults talking about they were going through something, I said, ‘What a bunch of f**king losers.’ Come on, man… but if you’re a grown-a** person and built your whole day around the eclipse, you’re a damn loser.
Charles Barkley said

Furthermore, despite the eclipse being hailed as a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, Chuck’s feelings about it and how he added his trademark humor have led to the clip making the rounds on social media.

Once again, the Hall of Famer demonstrated what makes him unique and dragged viewers to his show, maybe not all of it, as it was reported that his CNN show “King Charles” with Gayle King had been scrapped. Regardless, basketball fans all love Chuck and can’t wait to witness more of him, especially with his “best buddy” Shaquille O’Neal


Charles Barkley drags Chris Haynes for his ‘MVP boast’

Barkley‘s ‘roasting antiques’ is a daily occurrence, as he was at it again recently. He humorously roasted NBA insider Chris Haynes for boasting about winning the Filipino league MVP award in the latest broadcast of NBA on TNT, showcasing his trademark honesty and humor.

No disrespect. I know I'mma get in trouble for asking this question, but how many Filipinos [have] been drafted into the NBA? I'm just asking a question, man.
Charles Barkley said to Chris Haynes via NBA on TNT

Chuck, in an attempt to put Haynes in his place, said he didn’t want to get into trouble and offend Filipino fans. However, he was wrong as the NBA has players of Filipino descent in the league, including in the past, most notably Jordan Clarkson and Jalen Green. Furthermore, before Clarkson or Green, one man paved the path for the Filipino-Americans, namely Raymond Townsend, who was drafted by the Warriors in 1978.

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