Sixers player Buddy Hield breaks 19-year-old record by playing 84 games in regular season

Buddy Hield now has a chance of crossing the 90 games barrier.

Sixers player Buddy Hield breaks 19-year-old record by playing 84 games in regular season

Buddy Hield

One of the purest shooters in the league, Buddy Hield made NBA history following the season Finale against the Brooklyn Nets. Hield started this season as a Pacer, though midway through the season, he was traded by Indiana to the 76ers. He has not missed a game for both teams this season except for the one where he was traded and could not suit up.


Hield’s achievement of playing 84 games this regular season is remarkable, marking the first time a player has done so in 19 years. This rare feat is impressive and underscores Hield’s durability and commitment throughout the season.

Hield has now led the league thrice in games played. Hield did not miss a game during his rookie season and his best season so far. The 31-year-old came into the league back in back in 2016 but has not made his playoff debut yet. Playing with the Sixers, Hield will be making his postseason debut next week, if the team makes it out of the Play-In.

Buddy Hield aims to inspire the younger generation in the league

In a league where many players miss games due to contracts and endorsements, Buddy Hield stands out for his love of the game. He’s thankful to play all 84 games in a season, setting a good example for younger players.

I know how important it is to me, just setting a tone for the younger guys around the league. I just love to play. That speaks volumes about me, just loving to play each and every day.
Buddy Hield told NBC Sports Philadelphia last Tuesday

Many top players don’t play over 80 games due to injuries or load management. Hield’s ability to play all 84 games shows his consistency and durability. He was fortunate to stay injury-free throughout the season and remained a valuable role player for the Sixers, contributing consistently to the team.

As the Sixers head into the Play-In tournament, Hield has the opportunity to add more games to his season total. If he plays in all potential playoff games, he could finish the year with 90 games under his belt. The Sixers will face the Miami Heat in the Play-In tournament, aiming to secure the 7th seed and return to the playoff bracket.

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