“5 points a game gonna call me out?” Charles Barkley trolls Kendrick Perkins for diss towards him and Shaquille O’Neal

Kendrick Perkins called the Inside the NBA duo out after not being high on the New York Knicks.

“5 points a game gonna call me out?” Charles Barkley trolls Kendrick Perkins for diss towards him and Shaquille O’Neal

Charles Barkley trolled Kendrick Perkins for calling him and Shaquille O'Neal out

Charles Barkley does know how to respond to anyone and everyone. Therefore, when Kendrick Perkins decided to call the Hall of Famer and his colleague Shaquille O’Neal out for not being capable enough to talk about basketball, the former league MVP took a direct shot and trolled Perkins live on national television.


In the play-in edition of Inside the NBA hosted on TNT, the crew rolled a tweet showing when former All-Star Blake Griffin dunked on Kendrick Perkins a few times. Shaquille O’Neal was all eyes on the clip.

We don't watch Knicks games, but I watched that game.
Shaquille O’Neal said

Charles Barkley added with a proper troll of his own:

Shaq you out here killing roaches out here aren't you. I ain't got to even get no love from 5 point a game. 5 points a game gonna call me out?
Charles Barkley quipped

The fan tweet was intentionally shown on national television to get back at Kendrick Perkins. This is not the first time either Barkley or Perkins have had a go at each other. The backdrop of this is that ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins questioned whether Barkley and O’Neal actually watched New York Knicks games to base their opinion. He suggested that they only watch the game when they have to cover it on their program.


The problem the former NBA champion has with the Inside the NBA duo is that they are not sold on the New York Knicks. However, he has been a constant supporter of his former team in their quest for playoff success.

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal feel the New York Knicks will exit the playoffs early

The New York Knicks showed a lot of bravery on their way to the 2nd spot in the Eastern Conference. However, both Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal are not convinced the team can go far in their playoff quest. Two major factors influenced their analogy. One is that superstar Jalen Brunson and his teammates have had to play lights out every game to get to that spot due to the injuries to other players.

Therefore, when the playoff heat turns on and fatigue kicks in, other teams will be able to take advantage. Second is that they are already without star forward Julius Randle due to injury. This means, the Knicks will struggle when going up against the elite bigs of the East.

This is all despite the fact that Barkley himself was very excited about the Knicks. Their mid-season trades improved their roster enough for him to actually envision them making the Eastern Conference finals.


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