Chiefs HC Andy Reid reveals team was well-versed with Rashee Rice’s shooting incident at SMU before drafting him

Rice is alleged to have shot an empty car of a basketball player while at SMU.

Chiefs HC Andy Reid reveals team was well-versed with Rashee Rice’s shooting incident at SMU before drafting him

Andy Reid and Rashee Rice (via IMAGO)

The Kansas City Chiefs’ off-season has been contrary to how their 2023-24 season ended. Despite having won the Super Bowl, the team’s players continue to face legal turmoil. The most concerning is Rashee Rice, who faces nearly eight felony charges.

The wide receiver’s troubles seem to be never-ending. After the multi-car crash in Dallas and an alleged incident wherein he was accused of assault in a nightclub in Dallas, other questionable incidents from his past surfaced. During his tenure at SMU, Rashee Rice allegedly fired bullets into an empty car belonging to one Kendric Davis, a notable basketball player at the university.

While fans assumed that the Kansas City Chiefs were oblivious to this incident, turns out Andy Reid & Co. had done their research into Rice’s background before drafting him. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, reported about the incident in question and HC Reid responded to a reporter’s question when asked about his knowledge of the situation at SMU.

The way I'd leave it with we knew enough to draft him, you know and then we just went with the process and we, found that it was satisfactory for us.
Andy Reid told addressing the media

The Chiefs looked into the incident and likely decided that it would not have severe legal repercussions on Rice if they drafted him.

Rashee Rice shot Kendric Davis’ car over suspicions of him seeing his girlfriend

At the moment, Rice is not being penalized by the NFL over a violation of the Personal Conduct Policy as the league has opted for a wait-and-watch approach. Only once the legal proceedings come to an end, will the NFL determine if it should punish Rice with a suspension, a fine, or both.

Rashee Rice
Rashee Rice (via IMAGO)

The wide receiver is back at the team’s facilities for organized team activities. The team has not released any statement yet, despite fans being critical of Rice and demanding that he be dismissed from the team, the Chiefs are not willing to take any premature moves.

Rashee Rice was one of two drivers who caused a chaotic situation on a Dallas highway as he caused a multi-car crash. It was later found that he was driving at nearly 119 miles per hour and then proceeded to lose control and crashed his car. As of now, there is a $1 million lawsuit against him and the other accused driver, Theodore Knox.

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