Chiefs trainer reveals Harrison Butker bolted into the training room to get trainers after BJ Thompson suffered a seizure

Rick Burkholder claimed it was the presence of mind from Harrison Butker to get the medical staff quickly saved Thompson from anything serious.

Chiefs trainer reveals Harrison Butker bolted into the training room to get trainers after BJ Thompson suffered a seizure

Harrison Butker played a massive hand in saving BJ Thompson (Image via IMAGO)

Kansas City Chiefs vice president of sports medicine and performance Rick Burkholder gave a detailed explanation about what happened shortly after BJ Thompson collapsed following seizures. Harrison Butker reportedly played a massive part in saving the defensive end’s life.

On Thursday, the Kansas City Chiefs canceled their practice after BJ Thompson suffered a cardiac arrest. Per NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, Burkholder revealed that Harrison Butker ran to get the medical staff involved so that they could help Thompson.

Soon after, doctors and the medical team rushed to aide the 25-year-old who lay motionless on the ground. According to NBC News, they had to administer a defibrillator to kickstart his heart.

Our players, our security staff, everyone involved, coaches and staff, they were phenomenal in handling this crisis.
Rick Burkholder said.

Burkholder estimated it was possible because Thompson’s cardiac arrest was in between the one-and-a-half minute mark. He praised everyone for their commitment to bringing back Thompson from the clutches of death and especially praised Harrison Butker for his quick thinking.

With BJ, when he had that seizure, Butker immediately ran to the training room and grabbed [the doctors]... He had one AED (automated external defibrillator) shock and came back. So he was only in cardiac arrest for less than a minute, minute and a half. 
Burkholder added.

Did Harrison Butker’s heroics save BJ Thompson’s life?

Thompson was taken to the nearby Kansas University hospital for further examination. Burkholder disclosed that the 2023 fifth-round pick was stable and out of danger but under observation.

Thompson’s agent told Pelissero on Friday that, his client had finally opened his eyes. However, they have yet to deduce the reason behind Thomson’s sudden cardiac arrest. Burkholder revealed they don’t have the diagnosis.

He's alert, he's awake. He's coming through quite well [and] headed in the absolute right direction. We don’t have a diagnosis. In medicine sometimes you don’t have that.
Burkholder said.

Head coach Andy Reid later said that it was tough on everyone. Even those who were not present that day were shocked and worried about Thomson’s well-being. Reid said that he had seen a few during his long tenure as a coach in the NFL, but one can never get used to it.

[It’s a] tough situation. We’ve been through a couple of those before in my time and it’s never, ever fun. Thank goodness.
Andy Reid said.

He further added that Thompson was lucky because he was amongst friends when it happened. The 25-year-old was projected to have a breakout year in 2024, but he will be under strict rehab until further notice.

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