Claudio Silva lambasts UFC and fans who give attention only to ‘alcoholic clowns’

'The Hannibal' tore into the UFC, speaking extensively about discrimination. He also mentioned about racism and xenophobia.

Claudio Silva

Ahead of his welterweight clash with James Krause at UFC Fight Island 6 tomorrow, Claudio ‘Hannibal’ Silva was upset with the UFC for not matching him with a top contender. The Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist, who has just lost one fight in his professional career and is unbeaten since 2007, feels he deserves better.

He will be looking forward to beat James Krause and break into the top 15 in the welterweight division rankings. Speaking, ahead of his fight, a visibly dejected Claudio Silva spoke of the UFC and the fans glorifying fighters who don’t deserve to be respected.

“They only give attention to idiots and clowns” – Claudio Silva

Silva vs Krause, prediction

Speaking to MMAFighting in an interview, a riled-up Claudio Silva was quoted as saying, “I think my biggest goal is to end this f*cking politics that only gives attention to clowns, those who do sh*t in the streets, and give me someone in the top-10 already. You come back after four years and beat everyone, but they only give attention to idiots and clowns. I’m mad at the Brazilian media and the UFC media because they only pay attention to those alcoholic clowns who beat up old people in the streets.”

Silva insisted that he is fighting only for the money and doesn’t care about respect at all, since ‘respect didn’t exist in the UFC at all.’ “I couldn’t care less about the ranking, because if being 5-0 means nothing, why the hell am I fighting? It’s only for the money,” Silva said. “Fighting someone in the top-5 would be nice. There’s someone there that lost to me already and no one says anything. People ignore him, fans laugh at him. There’s no respect anymore. It’s only about clowns and idiots now. I just want to fight and f*ck the rest. I don’t care. The UFC is about who’s the dumbest now.

He also felt that racial discrimination existed in the UFC, as he said that Americans, or blonde Europeans are often the center of attention. In what looked like a subtle dig at Conor McGregor, Silva said, “If you’re American or English, a blond white man, you can do whatever you want. You can hit an old man in the streets, you can hit someone that refused to try your whisky, you can do whatever you want. But if you’re Brazilian, you’re f*cked.

He went on saying, “Look at Leon Edwards, 8-0, and who talks about him? No one talks about him. Where was he born? Right, Jamaica. Why don’t people talk about winners? There’s a bunch of losers that come and talk trash and people still talk about them, win or lose. It’s complicated, man.”

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