Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy admits Dak Prescott is having the ‘best offseason’ program they’ve had so far

Dak Prescott is in a perform-to-get rewarded kind of a season.

Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy admits Dak Prescott is having the ‘best offseason’ program they’ve had so far

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy admits Dak Prescott is having his best off-season program (image via Imago)

Dak Prescott is about to enter one of the most trying seasons of his career. After a disappointing playoff run last season, the pressure is on him to perform. More importantly, he is entering the final year of his current contract. With an extension not yet on the table from the Dallas Cowboys, Prescott is in a perform-to-get paid scenario. However, his head coach Mike McCarthy is impressed with him so far.

While speaking to the media on Wednesday, Mike McCarthy praised Dak Prescott’s performance during the offseason program. He appreciated Prescott’s dedication and the overall quality of work exhibited by him.

I think Dak is having his best offseason program that we've had. This atmosphere that we've practiced in with the quarterback and receivers has really hit the mark. I've been very impressed with the quality of work.
Mike McCarthy said

This is a glowing appreciation for his quarterback who again has to prove to the footballing world and especially owner Jerry Jones that he is an elite quarterback. Jones wants to see how he plays in the regular season before deciding on the extension.

Dak Prescott has made it clear that he is not playing for money. He also has no intention of becoming the highest paid quarterback in the league. Even Jones has clarified such a scenario will not happen, as paying him through the roof means less money for other players.

But Prescott is scheduled to at least get a significant raise over his current $40 million yearly average. He may not reach some of the highest paid quarterback levels, but it will be close. However, he knows playoff wins are the yardstick by which Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys will measure his worth.

Dak Prescott echoes Mike McCarthy’s words

If playoff success is Prescott’s goal, the 8-year veteran knows he has to get the offense to click. The defense held up their end of the bargain last season. So, the onus will be on him to lead the offense to produce better than what he did last season. Prescott echoed Mike McCarthy‘s words during the press-conference on Wednesday.

I agree, because it's what I put into this game. It's what this game means to me. I talk about it every offseason. My focus is always getting better overall in every aspect that I can and in every aspect of my game and making sure I'm pushing the guys around me. Mike's comments are a result of us doing that this offseason.
Dak Prescott told the media

Which means he is putting in the work with the new additions on the roster. CeeDee Lamb might be holding out, but that should not stop the preparations.

Dak Prescott
Jerry Jones will look for results before awarding Dak Prescott an extension (image via Imago)

When the All-Pro receiver decides to come back to link up with his teammates, he will already be in a prepared environment. Dak Prescott just to needs to ensure that he eclipses the numbers he set last season on his way to leading the Dallas Cowboys to at least the NFC Championship game.

Then he would be in a commanding position to set the price on his contract extension. Jerry Jones is keen on results, and so is Dak Prescott, once the contract negotiations are finalized.

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