Could the 2025 ICC Champions Trophy in Pakistan become a T20 tournament? 

Disney Star, who are the global TV broadcasters of ICC Events, are trying to turn the ODI tournament into a T20 one.

Could the 2025 ICC Champions Trophy in Pakistan become a T20 tournament? 

The Champions Trophy (Image via ESPN)

Since its inception the ICC KnockOut Tournament, later renamed to the Champions Trophy in 2002, has always been played as an ODI tournament. Starting off as a knock out tournament, there have been changes to the format of the tournament, but it has always been played as an ODI tournament. But now it looks like there might be a change in the horizon. 


According to The Guardian, broadcasters Disney Star are trying to turn the Champions Trophy into a T20 tournament. Due to the demand of the shortest format, the broadcasters are pressurizing the ICC to change the format it is played in. Although the CT was reinstated in the Future Tours Program (2024-31) as an ODI competition, the change could mean ICC would host two T20I tournaments. One broadcaster said this could bring the end of ODIs, despite there already being 2 ODI World Cups planned. 

Although it is too late to change the format, the power that Disney Star holds over the ICC as their global broadcaster might bring the change. Disney Star has the rights for the period from 2024 to 2027, where there will be 2 T20 World Cups, 2 WTC Finals, one World Cup and one Champions Trophy. 

Can an ODI tournament really decide who plays in a T20 tournament? 

If this change really does happen, then it would mean the Top 8 teams in the 2023 ICC ODI World Cup would be awarded spots in a T20 tournament. Recent T20 World Cup champions, England, could potentially miss out on the T20 CT due their poor form. West Indies, who are currently ranked 7th in the ICC team ranking, would miss out as they didn’t play in the 2023 World Cup. 

Pakistan Cricket Team
Pakistan are the current defending champions of the Champions Trophy (Image via ICC)

If the CT does turn into a T20 tournament, there should be a new qualification format based on the rankings of teams based on a specific cut-off date. It would be unfair to teams that have actually played well in T20s as well. The ICC will most likely reject the idea, but as the global broadcasters, Disney Star could force the change.

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