Kevin Pietersen to stop drinking ALCOHOL to improve health thanks to health monitor

Ex-England star talks about giving up drinking to improve health.

Kevin Pietersen to stop drinking ALCOHOL to improve health thanks to health monitor

Kevin Pietersen (Image via Metro)

On the afternoon of 14th August, ex-English cricketer Kevin Pietersen revealed on X that he has decided to stop drinking alcohol. After a trip to South Africa, Pietersen’s health monitor showed that every time he has consumed alcohol, his sleep and heart rate variability has been negatively affected. 

The South African born batsman has been associated with alcohol for a long time, with photos and stories of his drinking being infamous between fans. If someone surfs the internet and searches “Kevin Pietersen drunk”, the google search will be filled with pictures and articles on his drinking. 


But KP has now decided that enough is enough for him. From now on, he will stop drinking alcohol regularly and will only drink on special occasions. He posted on X, “I wear a fitness/health monitor now and that measures, skin temp, 02 levels, HR, HRV, recovery, sleep, strain on my body. The findings after a few months, ALCOHOL ruins your body! Our recent trip to SA showed pure evidence for that. Even a couple glasses of wine at night ruins sleep, HRV etc. Take what you want from that, but I’ll only drink on special occasions and holidays!”. 

Plenty of fans supported KP’s decision to stop consuming alcohol, with many also stating how staying sober has helped them improve their lives.

Even though KP was born in South Africa, he decided to play professionally for the English Cricket team. He debuted in 2004, in England’s tour of Zimbabwe and made his test debut in the 2005 Ashes. In his test debut he scored twin half centuries and finished the test series scoring 473 runs in 10 innings, averaging 52.56. He finished his career as a cricketer with 13000+ runs across all three formats and a T20I World Cup winner.


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What is Kevin Pietersen doing after Retirement?

Kevin Pietersen to stop drinking alcohol to improve health thanks to health monitor
Kevin Pietersen (Image via India Today)

Currently, Pietersen is an advocate of conservation of endangered animals in South Africa. He spreads awareness on the endangered species such as rhinos on various platforms such as social media, podcasts and TV. Pietersen also made a resort on the edge of the Kruger National Park to spread awareness of the same. He also works as a commentator for various broadcasters and has released two autobiographies.

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