“On the drugs again” – Fans react as Lance Armstrong enters the NFT space

Lance Armstrong has acquired his NFT from Apex Optimizers, which claim to be the first NFT project focused on health optimisation.

Lance Armstrong NFT
Lance Armstrong NFT

The internet fraternity has been obsessed with the concept of blockchains and NFTs for the past few months. Many top film actors, social media creators, entrepreneurs and even sportspersons have entered into the NFT space with customized digital artwork for their fans and supporters.

Meanwhile, former road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong has also made it into the NFT game. For those who don’t know, NFT, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are units of digital data stored on blockchains. In simple words, they can be anything from a photo, video, or piece of audio, with a permanent record of ownership stored digitally, 

Interestingly, Armstrong isn’t the first cyclist to get involved in this exciting space as earlier, Wout van Aert‘s biggest victories were sold for a whopping €47,000. On the other hand, Colnago became the first bike brand to auction off a C64 FT bike that sold for a handsome amount of $8,592.

“I finally feel like one of the cool kids. Got into the #NFT game,” Armstrong tweeted alongside an image of his NFT which is a leopard wearing a crown on a yellow background, a more subtle hint than the infamous image of him lying on the sofa below seven framed yellow jerseys. “Vest game on point as well,” he added.

Twitter reactions on Lance Armstrong’s NFT

Soon after the 50-year-old announced his entry into the NFTs, social media users were quick to react and share their opinions. Here are some of the top tweets:

I think doping might actually be marginally more popular with the public than NFTs Lance,” one person replied, with others saving the image and re-uploading, telling Armstrong he should have used the “buy zero get four free” option like them.

Welcoming accomplished athlete to the AO family,” Apex Optimizers tweeted. “Further bringing the conversation of the importance of health and wellness to the metaverse,” accompanied by a rocket ship emoji.

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