Dakota Kai furiously hits back after female stars get called out for not winning championships due to UGLY tattoos 

Dakota Kai had enough of the social media trolls.

Dakota Kai furiously hits back after female stars get called out for not winning championships due to UGLY tattoos 

Dakota Kai (via WWE Women-Tumblr)

Being a WWE superstar is never easy; along with the popularity comes a lot of criticism from fans. A similar incident occurred involving Michin, Shayna Baszler, and Dakota Kai regarding their appearance. As such, Kai gave a fitting reply on social media after being called out by a troll for not winning titles because of their tattoos.

Dakota Kai took to X and shared a picture with Michin and Shayna Baszler, wishing them luck for their matches ahead of the NXT Battleground PLE. While The Queen of Spades battled Lola Vice in an underground match, Michin fought against five other women in a ladder match. However, one comment from a troll soured their mood. He insulted them for not winning any championships because of their “ugly” tattoos.

Kai, however, didn’t let the insult slide. She responded, suggesting that the user who mocked them likely had nothing better to do. The troll’s comment wasn’t even accurate, as all three women have won many championships in their careers. While Michin is a former TNA Knockouts Champion, Shayna and Kai have both been Women’s Tag Team Champions with their respective partners.

…” He typed from behind his computer screen, sweating and struggling for breath in his dingy room. A single tear was shed. In that moment he knew, he wasn’t shit.
Dakota Kai on X

Speaking about their match at the NXT Battleground, the 35-year-old star failed to capture the gold in a 6-woman ladder match. Furthermore, Lola Vice defeated Baszler in an NXT Underground match. Meanwhile, Kai’s Damage CTRL faction is involved in a rivalry with Lyra Valkyria on Raw.

Shayna Baszler and Michin also responded to the troll’s comment on social media

After the Damage CTRL member gave the troll a piece of her mind, the other two stars also jumped into the controversy. Similar to Dakota Kai, Shayna Baszler and Michin both gave befitting replies to the user on social media.

Michin, Shayna Baszler, and Dakota Kai
Michin, Shayna Baszler, and Dakota Kai (via @ImKingKota/ X)

The Queen of Spades took to X and disproved his statement by noting they had been champions before. She gave the example of Rhea Ripley and stated that it was a pretty stupid thing to say when Mami ruled the entire women’s division for a year, given her collection of tattoos. The Eradicator won the Women’s World Championship at WrestleMania 39 and held onto it even beyond WrestleMania XL.

Meanwhile, Michin also didn’t hold back and brutally insulted the troll for hating them without reason on social media. Fans supported the stars and spoke out against the troll in the comment section. Interestingly, Ricochet, whose contract was set to expire this summer, was also mocked by the same fan for having tattoos on his body.

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