Dave Bautista GIFTS custom WWE World Championship to ‘The Killer’s Game’ director as token of respect 

Dave Bautista plays the role of a hitman in his upcoming movie, The Killer's Game.

Dave Bautista GIFTS custom WWE World Championship to ‘The Killer’s Game’ director as token of respect 

Dave Baustista gifts World Heavyweight Championship replica to JJ Perry (via Lionsgate and @davebautista/Instagram)

WWE Wrestler turned Hollywood Superstar, Dave Bautista is all set to feature in the upcoming action movie, The Killer’s Game. The former WWE Champion plays the role of a hitman who takes a hit out on himself after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

In a recent Instagram post, The Animal revealed that he gifted a replica of the original World Heavyweight Championship belt to the movie’s director, J. J. Perry. The belt had a customized nameplate attached to it that read out the director’s name.

The 55-year-old mentioned that some people may look at his gesture as a fun gift if it came from somebody else. However, coming from someone who held that title for a long time and multiple times throughout his career, it was highly special.

Dave Bautista asserted that he wanted to honor the visionary behind the movie. The replica was a token of the former WWE superstar’s appreciation, respect, and admiration. He claimed that the director and martial artist had earned it. The final frame of the video showed Perry wearing the belt around his waist and seeming highly excited.

Bautista is not the only wrestler to feature in the upcoming action-thriller movie. Current WWE wrestler and 3x World Champion, Drew McIntyre will collide with the former Evolution member on the big screen, playing the role of one of the hitmen trying to cash in on the former WWE superstar’s demise.

Dave Bautista says he never expected to win the World Heavyweight Championship

Batista always deemed the belt to be a highly special gift, especially with the personalized name tag. The Animal claimed that if anyone ever got such a replica from him, that meant he respected them a lot. After all, the championship was very close to his heart.

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista as World Heavyweight Champion (via WWE)

The first time he got his hands around the title, it felt like a dream come true for him. He never expected to hold that title during his WWE career. It was one of the highlights of his career. Therefore, when he gifted that championship belt to someone, it was not a silly gift or a toy. It was a token of his respect.

The 2x Royal Rumble winner claimed that he only gave away such belts to people he loved and respected. Some people had really gone out of their way to make him feel special, which meant a lot to him. Therefore, he expressed his gratitude to them with this gift.

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