“These people are pure evil,” Former Intercontinental Champion accuses WWE of spreading fake information on talent and other wrestling promotions 

Ryback once again had some harsh words to say about WWE.

“These people are pure evil,” Former Intercontinental Champion accuses WWE of spreading fake information on talent and other wrestling promotions 

WWE HQ (via Wrestling News)

Since he departed from the company in 2016, Ryback has been outspoken in his criticism of his former employer. The Big Guy has left no stone unturned in exposing WWE’s inner workings on social media. He once again fired shots at the Stamford-based company while talking about his release. Moreover, he recently accused WWE of releasing false information in their partner publications.

Ryback addressed Dave Meltzer‘s report on WWE spreading false viewership numbers for the AEW Collision on June 1. He fully agreed that WWE often disseminated false information about talents and other wrestling promotions. Sharing his story, The Big Guy revealed that when he was done with the Stamford-based company, they immediately claimed he was sent home. He disclosed that the false news was retracted after he took legal action.

He labeled WWE as “pure evil,” accusing them of making others’ lives difficult for their gain. Furthermore, Ryback asserted that they spread false information about him through their partner publications to tarnish his reputation. The 42-year-old star has always shown pride in standing up to WWE, and his belief in truth will always prevail.

WWE is notorious for releasing false information not only on talent but also on other wrestling promotions. The day I walked out and told them to f*** off, it was almost immediately put out that “I got sent home.” They then used their partner publications to push out false information about me and damage my reputation. These people are pure evil and will do anything to make other's lives more difficult. 
Ryback on X

Ryback always finds himself in controversy with his comments on social media. A notable example was when he claimed he’d delete his social media account if CM Punk returned to WWE. The former Intercontinental Champion didn’t delete his account and continued firing shots at his former company.

Ryback started unblocking people on X after blocking over 22000 users

Ryback’s social media handle has always been a hot topic in the wrestling community. He’s infamous for blocking users left and right and receiving a lot of hate due to his controversial opinions. In fact, the 42-year-old star has even boasted about the astonishing number of users he has blocked throughout the years.

Ryback (via WWE)

In a recent episode of Ryback TV, he jokingly said that his account was “f**ked up” anyway. The Big Guy claimed to have blocked and muted around 30,000 users. Ryback stated that most of those people weren’t his followers to begin with. He called his action of blocking people a social media “clean-up.”

I got over 1.35 million followers. Most of these people aren’t my followers. Some of them probably were but a majority of them were not to begin with on that. My account’s f*cked either way. 22,426 people blocked and I got 7,778 muted. So between blocks and mutes we are just around 30k.
Ryback via the Ryback TV

However, in a surprising turn of events, he recently started unblocking users from his blocklist. Many users on social media acknowledged that he had unblocked them on his profile. Although the reason for him to do this remains unknown, he once again captured the attention of fans with his antics.

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