Damian Lillard CLAPS BACK at Stephen Smith claiming Milwaukee Bucks should trade star

Stephen A. Smith believes that Damian Lillard is 'miserable' in Milwaukee.

Damian Lillard CLAPS BACK at Stephen Smith claiming Milwaukee Bucks should trade star

Damian Lillard claps back at Stephen A. Smith's claim

Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith made a bold statement when he told the Milwaukee Bucks to trade Damian Lillard. Smith’s statement came just before Lillard concluded his first year with the team. The analyst believed Lillard was unhappy in Milwaukee, and an exit should be on the horizon. However, Lillard addressed the comments and shut down Smith’s claims in a recent media interview.


Before the Milwaukee Bucks head for their first-round matchup against the Indiana Pacers, Damian Lillard made things clear about playing in Milwaukee. Without naming names, Dame clapped back at the analyst’s statement about wanting to leave Milwaukee.

I saw somebody say 'Dame’s not happy in Milwaukee' or something like that. And I know the truth. I love the situation that I’m in. I also know what I have going on outside of basketball that kinda drains me at times. 
Damian Lillard via Practice media interview

Lillard previously admitted having a tough time moving from Portland to Milwaukee as he was also going through a divorce at the time. However, the star clarified that the difficulties in his personal life have nothing to do with how he felt about playing for the Bucks. Currently, Lillard is focusing on his performance without letting these claims bother him.

Lillard needs to take control of the Bucks’ playoff situation, as Giannis Antetokounmpo is still questionable against the Pacers. Despite being the 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference, the team had struggled to win consecutive games. Hence, Lillard must bring ‘Dame Time’ to Milwaukee to take the team to the next round.


Damian Lillard posts picture with Miami Heat player makes fans find a deeper meaning

Stephen A. Smith’s claim is not the only topic that gave rise to Lillard’s potential unhappiness with the Bucks. Before Lillard was traded to the Bucks, the star was interested in playing for the Miami Heat. Lillard even requested a trade to the Heat, but the Portland Trailblazers rejected the wish. Soon, the Trailblazers traded him to the Bucks instead.

However, the star posted a cryptic story on his Instagram, spreading rumors of Lillard’s potential future in Miami. The sharpshooter posted a picture of him laughing with Heat’s center, Bam Adebayo, without giving any context. Fans were quick to assume that the player was hinting at his spot for next year.

Despite all the rumors, Dame claimed he was happy with his situation in Milwaukee and has put a full stop to these rumors. It could also be possible that Lillard decided to have some fun by posting the picture. Nevertheless, only Lillard knows the reason for posting the picture with Adebayo. As the playoff approaches, the star’s performance will certainly play a role in proving his loyalty to the Bucks.

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