Dan Hardy calls George St-Pierre ‘The Goat’

Dan Hardy praises Anderson Silva and Georges ST-Pierre and calls the latter 'The GOAT' because of his impressive win tally of 20 in UFC

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Dan Hardy faced Georges ST-Pierre at UFC 111

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Dan Hardy calls George St-Pierre as the Greatest of all Time. The discussion over MMA’s GOAT always ends up bringing interesting arguments and facts to the table. Chatting to MMA Junkie Radio, Hardy revealed his level of respect for St-Pierre. The latter defeated him by unanimous decision in their welterweight title clash at UFC 111 in March 2010. 

Hardy praises Pierre and Silva 

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Georges St-Pierre (left) and Anderson Silva (right)

Hardy said Pierre is on Mount Rushmore. Hardy further added, “The thing that makes ‘GSP’ stand aside (from the rest) is the fact that not only he was an excellent martial artist in the octagon, but he lived the lifestyle out of the octagon. He was squeaky clean – there were no run-ins with the police, no failed drug tests, nothing like that.” 

“The losses that he had, he came back and won. I always think that proves an excellent martial artist, someone that found a limitation and then managed to push their way through it.” 

The pair has spent time together while training in the gym and Hardy evidently states that he is biased on the topic in favor of Pierre. Hardy also shared his admiration for former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Saying that the Brazilian’s “mastery of skill is something that will always stand alone.” 

Like many fanatics were disappointment when they couldn’t witness Pierre vs Silva, Hardy suggests he was one among many. Hardy suggests that both Silva and Pierre would top his list. But given Pierre’s record for 20 UFC wins, he would just inch in his favor if he was to compare.  

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Dan Hardy calls George St-Pierre ‘The Goat’ 2

There are rumors that if Khabib Nurmagomedov is able to beat Justin Gathje at UFC 254. All eyes would be on the former clashing with St-Pierre for the penultimate fight of Khabib’s career. After which he could peacefully retire from the sport of combat. But it is only up to time to unravel all the answers. 

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