‘Dancing with shirts off and hitting linesman’, Kyrgios includes Novak, Zverev in a battle of words with Karen Khachanov

The tussle of twitter was an exchange of tweets between Nick Kyrgios and Mats Wilander, however, Karen Khachanov came in much like an unexpected guest and continued the thread targeting the Aussie.


Nick Kyrgios is always a man of words. Lately, his absence from the tennis court has made him garner attention in the virtual world. This time Kyrgios has targeted Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev.

The series of twitter exchanges began as Mats Wilander critiqued Andy Murray. Backing his friend, Nick received some harsh words from Karen Khachanov. However, instead of taking a dig at the Russian, the Aussie targeted Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic.

Nick remarks “Dancing with shirts off and hitting linesman”

The tussle between Nick Kyrgios and Mats Wilander changed as Karen Khachonov intervened. While the duo began on a rather soft note, things escalated quickly. Kyrgios took a dig at the shirtless dances, referring to Adria Cup parties attended by the players. The party had Novak along with others such as Alexander Zverev.

Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic partying (Source: Dailymal.co.uk)

The “hitting linesman” remark is not hard to break. It is for the unfortunate incidence at US Open when Djokovic smashed a ball into the lines-judge. This also lead to Novak’s disqualification as the woman was severely injured.

Went from respect to picture books

The issue began with a request for respect to player Mat Wilander. But the issue escalated and Nick was taunted for his intellect. Nick again gave a prompt response, and also stated his work done for the underprivileged. The last tweet by Nick, this time targeting Khachanov’s intellect.

While we as readers may get tired of the tussle, Nick never fails to leave out a conversation midway. He also gets to make it controversial, be it with Boris Becker or Karen Khachonov, Nick is ever-ready.

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