Daniel Cormier supports nemesis Jon Jones’ decision to ‘avoid’ young talent Tom Aspinall for Stipe Miocic

Daniel Cormier supports rival Jon Jones' decision given that he prefers to take on the aged Stipe Miocic rather than Tom Aspinall.

Daniel Cormier supports nemesis Jon Jones’ decision to ‘avoid’ young talent Tom Aspinall for Stipe Miocic

Daniel Cormier supports Jon Jones for avoiding Tom Aspinall (via Imago)

Rivalries in the UFC are a common theme. However, few have come close to the epic rivalry between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. Cormier surprisingly came out in support of Jones. The former two-division UFC champion approved of Jon Jones’ apparent decision to avoid rising heavyweight threat Tom Aspinall.

Jon Jones recently teased his comeback on X, hinting at a title defense. However, he is set to face Stipe Miocic over undisputed interim champ Aspinall. Many have criticized Jones for ducking Aspinall. However, it was a wise move from the calculating Jones, as per Cormier.

Is it not the smart thing? Is fighting not 'make the most money, and be as safe as possible.... Now he's saying 'why do I want to take on a third generation of fighters?'...I'm taking [Jon's] side because I recognize what he's doing... he was fighting all these older guys, now he's the older guy... he is trying to make the smartest fight, with the least amount of risk.
Daniel Cormier via YouTube

The 31-year-old Aspinall dazzled the crowd with a vicious finish over Sergei Pavlovich to become the interim champion. He is known for his well-rounded ability. Facing such a young, dangerous foe could prove disastrous for Jones’ heavyweight arrival. Daniel Cormier believed his old rival preferred a favorable style matchup. The aging but powerful Miocic represented an easier challenge for Jones’ first title defense.

While Aspinall seemed the logical dance partner, Cormier understood Jones’ hesitation. The young lion from the UK has consistently called out Jones for the opportunity to unify the undisputed and interim titles. At one point, Tom Aspinall also called out Stipe Miocic for a fight. Nevertheless, it did not come to fruition as Miocic preferred to fight Jones.

Stipe Miocic only wants to fight Jon Jones

For Stipe Miocic, the chance to face Jon Jones outweighs everything, even regaining the UFC heavyweight title. The former two-time champion recently made his priorities crystal clear. Miocic revealed that he would face Jon Jones in the Octagon with or without the title on the line.

Stipe Miocic wants to fight Jon Jones
Stipe Miocic wants to fight Jon Jones (via BBC/ Fight Matrix)

Miocic understood that his window was closing at 41 years old. Rather than obsessing over another title reign, his sole focus is on arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter. He believed this was his calling and would love to share the octagon with Jones.

I don't care about the title, I just want to fight Jon Jones, that's just it.
Stipe Miocic via the JAXXON Podcast

The Miocic-Jones fight was originally targeted for 2023 before Jones’ injury intervened. Now, it appears the long-awaited clash will finally happen this year. Jones turns 37 in July. He seemed to share Miocic’s priorities. The heavyweight king made his intention clear about fighting Miocic for his first title defense.

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