Darvin Ham has a brutal response to irrational talks of Lakers intentionally losing to the Kings to avoid Nuggets in the playoffs

Coach Darvin Ham opened up about crazy talks of Lakers losing to avoid the Nuggets now.

Darvin Ham has a brutal response to irrational talks of Lakers intentionally losing to the Kings to avoid Nuggets in the playoffs

Darvin Ham

Before the Los Angeles Lakers played the New Orleans Pelicans, there was chatter that they should bottle the game so they might avoid meeting the defending champions, the Denver Nuggets, to start their playoff run. Responding to the news, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham replied to the detractors after his team took down the Pelicans 110-106.

In what would look like a rematch of last season’s Conference Finals, in which the Nuggets swept away the Lakers, Coach Darvin Ham said that his team isn’t afraid of the Nuggets and then said that whoever brought up the idea of the Lakers tanking their game against the Pelicans to avoid the Nugets came out of an “insane asylum.”

Insane asylum sources say. Just someone that got out of the insane asylum.
Darvin Ham said addressing the reporters

While the idea might find sense in some, who see the Denver Nuggets and Nikola Jokic as unbeatable, it, however, seems outrageous because one way or the other, the Purple and Gold would have to face the Nuggets if they’re to succeed them as NBA champions. However, even if they had chosen to bottle the game, they haven’t had much luck against the Warriors or the Kings recently.

And although they face a difficult task ahead against the Nuggets and the Jamal Murray-Nikola Jokic duo, champions don’t run from challenges. And hopefully, the Lakers’ team can tap into their coach’s belief and see it through once and for all.

Coach Darvin Ham declares war on the Denver Nuggets

Coach Ham is excellent at motivating his troops, even though he gets criticized and sometimes ignored by LeBron James. After leading the Lakers to a much-needed win over the New Orleans Pelicans, he set the locker room on fire with his bold and assertive rallying speech.

Back to 0-0. We with all the smoke, and we ain't ducking no fades!
Darvin Ham added

Furthermore, LeBron James now owes his team, as he had a problematic encounter with them the last time they met last year. The Lakers, however, have the duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James fit something they didn’t contend with last time.

The Nuggets overpowered the Lakers 4-0 in the last Western Conference Finals on their way to winning their first NBA title and haven’t tasted defeat against the Lakers in eight successive games. Guess it’s easier said than done, and the Lakers have much to do to turn the tide in their favor.

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