“Djokovic is a champion and a fighter,”Goran Ivaniasic believes the Serbian can win Roland-Garros again

Goran Ivanisevic, coach of Novak Djokovic was in full praise of the Serbian as he claimed that the world number one is a champion and a fighter. He also believed that the Serbian can win another French Open title, which he hopes would be next year.

Goran Ivanisevic believes Djokovic can win another French Open title

Goran Ivanisevic, coach of Novak Djokovic claimed before the French Open final that Rafael Nadal had no chance against Djokovic and was certain of the Serb’s victory. But as the things were to turn out, it was the total opposite as the Spaniard won the match comfortably in straight sets to claim his 13th French Open title and record-equaling 20th Grandslam title.

Goran Ivanisevic, one time Grandslam champion in an interview to Tennis majors accepted that he was completely wrong in his prediction for the final but does not regret about what he said. When asked about whether Djokovic could win another Roland Garros title, he claimed that the Serbian is a champion and a fighter and though Nadal is the favourite every year in Paris, he believes Djokovic can win his 2nd French Open title.

“Rafa is the absolute king at the French Open, but Novak can defeat him,” claims Goran Ivanisevic

Djokovic lost in the final of the French Open to Rafael Nadal

The Croatian one time Grandslam champion in an interview to Tennis majors believed that though Rafael Nadal was the absolute favourite to win the French Open every year, yet he has complete faith in Novak Djokovic who can defeat the Spaniard at the French Open. He hoped that the Serbian could turn the tables next year in Paris and claim his second French Open title.

Goran Ivanisevic said in the interview to Tennis majors,“I think he can. Rafa is the absolute king there and when you step foot in his habitat, you have to play to the best of your abilities. This has been a strange year, who knows what the next one will be like, but why couldn’t he? He played in the finals, Nadal and himself are the two best players in the world and they will most certainly face each other in a few more Grand Slam finals. I sincerely hope it will happen in Paris next year. And I will say it again – Novak can beat him, I always believe that.”

Ivanisevic believes Novak Djokovic will bounce back at the Australian Open 2021

Ivanisevic believes Djokovic will bounce back at Australian Open 2021

When asked about Djokovic’s schedule before the Australian Open, the Croatian said that they had still not decided regarding as to where the Serbian will play. He also claimed that Djokovic will bounce back at the Australian Open 2021 just like he always does. He also drew parallels between Nadal’s loss in the Australian Open 2019 to Djokovic’s loss in the French Open final and said that it was the Serbian’s turn to face the heat now.

“We have no idea. It is still unknown where in Australia will Novak play. There is an obligatory two-week quarantine. There is more than enough time, we will sit together and make a plan. The world has not stopped moving – he lost one final. That is how Nadal felt in Melbourne last year – now it is Novak’s turn. He is a champion and a fighter, he showed that when he was able to bounce back and win the title in Rome after that unfortunate incident at the US Open. Next year is bound to be interesting,” said Ivanisevic who is hopeful of Novak’s comeback at the Australian Open 2021.

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