Donald Trump could play role in pardoning charges against Vince McMahon should he win the US presidential elections: Reports

Donald Trump is the straw in the ocean for Vince McMahon if he wins the US Elections 2024.

Donald Trump could play role in pardoning charges against Vince McMahon should he win the US presidential elections: Reports

Donald Trump and Vince McMahon (via @Cultaholic/X)

‘He who must not be named’ Vince McMahon has been the ‘Voldemort’ of WWE. Ever since his name was dragged into the s*x trafficking allegations, he has been partially erased from WWE. However, it seems the former CEO of WWE has taken a backseat to the matter. Some recent reports suggest the entry of a new man into the story to save McMahon from trouble.


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is a belief that Donald Trump might help Vince McMahon get a clean chit from the court. However, it all depends on whether the former president can win the US election in 2024. Trump has been friends with McMahon for years, and it seems this is the time to show the true friendship between the two.

Recently, the two men living in their 70s were spotted having a vacation. It seems they were celebrating the living colors of their brotherhood. However, the living colors went too far when former WWE employee Janel Grant accused McMahon of s*x trafficking. They took a step ahead when she also accused him of using her as a tool for negotiating the contract. Thenceforward, WWE has drawn back in celebrating the legacy of McMahon getting rid of his mentions on screen.

Besides, it is not like WWE stars have sequestered themselves from Vince. It was reported that The Rock and John Cena are still in touch with the former boss of WWE even now. Whether they should be lashed out or let go depends on the verdict of the court. As of now, McMahon has not been found guilty. Therefore, fans have their eyes set on the result of these heinous allegations against the 78-year-old.


Vince McMahon might start a new wrestling promotion

WWE is the biggest promotion in professional wrestling. It won’t be an understatement to say that Vince McMahon was the one who was responsible for making WWE a billion-dollar company. However, ever since he resigned from day-to-day operations at TKO in January, he has been away from wrestling. Some new reports suggest that McMahon might start a new promotion to fulfill his passion for sports entertainment.

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon (via Wrestling News)

According to Dave Meltzer, it is absolutely possible that Vince might be looking to start a new promotion. He supported his statement by saying this is the possible way the former CEO of WWE might make a comeback to wrestling. However, it needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as it is less likely possible due to his age and condition.

Since the word got out, I’ve had discussions and other communications with some of the most prominent people in wrestling regarding the possibility that he gets back into wrestling, something that has been his life since starting to work for his father as a promoter in the late 1960s.
Dave Meltzer reported

It is going to be a sight to see if McMahon decides to start a new promotion in his late 70s. Although he has quite some experience running a wrestling show, Only time will tell if it actually happens, or is it just a false ray of hope for his fans at the moment?

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