“I’m not allowed to say names,” 44-year-old Superstar reveals that WWE made him sign an NDA after he requested his release once Vince McMahon returned to power

Eric Young discusses what it took for him to be let go by WWE.

“I’m not allowed to say names,” 44-year-old Superstar reveals that WWE made him sign an NDA after he requested his release once Vince McMahon returned to power

Ex-WWE Chairman Vince McMahon [via- WWE]

Back in November 2022, WWE signed a former Impact World Champion who was eventually released without even making a single appearance on television. He was none other than Eric Young. Seeing Vince McMahon reclaim supreme hierarchy in WWE, Young asked the promotion to let him go. He didn’t want to work for the 78-year-old and got his wish. But not without signing an NDA.


Speaking on Saturday Night’s Main Event podcast, the 44-year-old confirmed that he inked over a non-disclosure agreement before officially bidding adieu to WWE. As a result, he doesn’t have the leeway to reveal any of the names that may have gotten his former workplace in trouble. Eric affirmed that he went back to WWE to work under Triple H‘s regime.

However, as the fans saw, the day after WrestleMania 39, WWE was merged with the UFC under TKO Group Holdings. And to worsen Young’s cause, McMahon was honed as the executive chairman of the conglomerate. At that point, every sentiment started to back-pedal. There were a number of WWE Superstars who thought that things would be back to normal as they were while Vince was calling all the shots.

I actually never left my house. I mean, the whole story’s wild. Again, I had to sign an NDA, and I’m not allowed to say names…It is what it is and I talked to Hunter [Triple H] and he hired me back and wanted me back there and I was and another person came back and I won’t work for that person.
Eric Young on signing an NDA with WWE prior to his release

To an extent, it reflected on the on-screen product as well. McMahon was back to making last-minute changes, though remotely. However, what Eric Young thought while leaving WWE came to life. The former Sanity member was further asked whether he thinks of going back to WWE now that Vince McMahon is no longer in charge. Even though he said he still talks to Triple H to this day and respects his vision, Young simply isn’t interested in jumping ship at this point in his career.


Vince McMahon might soon lose his remaining wealth in TKO

It might be doomsday already for the ex-WWE Chairman. Per a recent filing, Vince McMahon has registered his leftover TKO shares for sale. As of now, he owns less than 5% of the company, leaving him with earnings of $1.5 billion through them.

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon (via Wrestling News)

The fact that his remaining stock is up for grabs doesn’t necessarily mean he’d be selling it, but he may. The business tycoon is already engrossed in a lawsuit filed by Janel Grant. It has had enormous repercussions on McMahon as he had to abdicate his executive standing in TKO.

It will be interesting to see what Vinnie Mac does next. There’s a glimmer of speculation that he might venture on to start his own wrestling promotion, which, of course, sounds unrealistic at this point.

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