Complete details on Vince McMahon’s unholy visit to Monday Night Raw this week

Vince McMahon can show up on WWE shows whenever he wants. That being said, the Executive Chairman of WWE made a physical visit on Raw this week in Hartford, Connecticut.

Complete details on Vince McMahon’s unholy visit to Monday Night Raw this week

Vince McMahon was present on Raw this week (via - The Sun)

For some reason, Vince McMahon decided to show up on work last night. That being said, he paid a visit on the Raw tapings in Hartford. This marks only his second physical appearance to a WWE show since WrestleMania 39. As soon as the news started to make rounds on Twitter regarding McMahon’s arrival, fans started panicking. This year’s Raw after WrestleMania memories still haunts everyone.

The general feeling among everyone wasn’t any different earlier in the day. However, last night’s episode of Raw fared out to be a fantastic wrestling-based show, having tons of workrate matches. After the conclusion of an epic episode, everyone is convinced that Vinnie Mac didn’t brought his dirt to last night’s original script, prepared by Triple H. Furthermore, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has posted a long story detailing McMahon’s Raw visit.

According to them, the 77-year-old arrived in the arena after 6pm EST. Most people backstage were not completely shocked upon seeing him as Hartford is a nearby spot for McMahon from his residence. As noted earlier, Vince McMahon has been making some tweaks here and there remotely in the shows. However, talent would take that much readily than him being around backstage regularly.

Speaking of being around, he did sat in the gorilla last night. But, to everyone’s delight, the feeling behind-the-scenes on Raw in Hartford was much relaxed than the calamitous show post WrestleMania. Just being optimistic, it appears like last night was just a routine checkup visit from Mr. McMahon, and nothing more serious.

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Vince McMahon made a last-minute creative change on last week’s Raw

Vince McMahon and AJ Styles
Vince McMahon and AJ Styles

AJ Styles made a head-scratching appearance on the red brand last week. Despite being drafted to SmackDown, he showed up on a different brand, citing his urge to congratulate Seth Rollins for his World Title win as the reason. This was not easily digestible for textbook WWE fans, as they questioned about the authenticity of this year’s Draft.

Some even pointed out that bringing Styles to Raw doesn’t appears like a Triple H thing. And guess what, everyone thinking so was absolutely right. In their report, PWInsider confirmed that The Phenomenal One was brought upon the request of Vince McMahon. He decided to include the 2-time WWE Champion, minutes before the show.

It would be interesting to see how often these opposite show visits continue. Reportedly, the WWE Executive Chairman had no offerings for this year’s Draft picks. So for what its worth, he did not choose the ultimate landing destinations for WWE Superstars. That doesn’t mean that he can’t dictate the narrative on his own terms.

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