“One of the greatest WWE Champions,” Former AEW Champion gets candid about Roman Reigns’ historic title run 

Kenny Omega acknowledges The Tribal Chief by paying respect to his championship reign.

“One of the greatest WWE Champions,” Former AEW Champion gets candid about Roman Reigns’ historic title run 

Roman Reigns and Kenny Omega (via WWE and AEW)

At WrestleMania XL, Roman Reigns‘ historic 1316-day championship reign came to an end. As expected, fans and wrestlers alike have celebrated the legacy of The Tribal Chief’s reign. Recently, AEW wrestler Kenny Omega heaped praise on the Head of the Table and his run at the top.

During his Twitch stream, The Belt Collector claimed that Reigns has done a tremendous job, especially as Undisputed Champion. Moreover, he spoke about how the former Shield member overcame the hate and criticism he endured in his initial run. Omega believes that without Reigns’ fantastic performances, the main event of WrestleMania wouldn’t have carried the same emotional weight as it did. 

Furthermore, Kenny Omega revealed that he respects the Bloodline leader. And, opined that Roman Reigns is one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time. Similar to the majority of the wrestling community, the former Elite member gave The Tribal Chief his deserved flowers. Interestingly, Reigns lost his title to one of Omega’s close friends, Cody Rhodes.

So I have the utmost respect for Roman. I think he was one of the greatest WWE Champions that you just wanted to see someone win the belt off of, which is very important.
Kenny Omega on his Twitch stream

The American Nightmare finished his story by finally winning a world championship. Meanwhile, Omega has been absent from AEW television after being diagnosed with diverticulitis in December 2023. Since then, he’s begun streaming on Twitch, where he voices his opinions about the ongoings in wrestling. Days ago, the former AEW Champion reflected on the Brawl Out incident and his relationship with CM Punk.

Jey Uso discloses how he felt watching Roman Reigns lose at WrestleMania

Perhaps Jey Uso might’ve been the only real-life Bloodline member to celebrate the end of Roman Reigns’ championship reign. The YEET master played a crucial role in helping Cody Rhodes defeat his cousin. Moreover, he joined in the post-match celebrations alongside the company’s top stars. Jey reflected on the WrestleMania main event.

Jey Uso and Roman Reigns
Jey Uso and Roman Reigns [via- WWE]

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, the ten-time Tag Team Champion admitted it was odd to see Reigns walk away without his championship. However, he claimed that it was fun standing in the ring with the likes of John Cena following the main event. While speaking about the ‘story’, Jey stated that they were just getting started.

As to why the former Bloodline member couldn’t care less about Reigns, it goes a long way back to the inception of the faction. Last year, Jey Uso had enough of The Tribal Chief’s manipulative nature and ended up leaving his family. The two eventually settled their differences at SummerSlam, where Jey’s brother, Jimmy Uso, cost him the bout.

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