Vince McMahon’s uncalled script changes are demoralizing the backstage environment in WWE

Although Vince McMahon making remote changes to creative wasn't a frequently common occurring few months ago, it certainly is now. The WWE CEO is almost back to where he was prior to his hush-money scandal.

Vince McMahon’s uncalled script changes are demoralizing the backstage environment in WWE

Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 37 (via- The Sun)

Vinnie Mac is actively making changes to WWE shows. As been reported a several times now, Vince McMahon can’t help but to have his fingerprints on the actual product. This week, he once again did that. As seen on Raw, Seth Rollins was set for a World Heavyweight Championship open challenge. However, it was quickly crashed by Finn Balor, leading to a vicious beatdown from The Prince, forcing to write off the scheduled match.

It wasn’t always the plan from WWE. A recent report from Fightful has provided detailed insights of what actually happened. According to them, Rollins was originally set to defend his title against the returning Tommaso Ciampa. The bout was set for a considerable amount of time, however, it never ended up happening. Why so? It’s all because Vince McMahon didn’t want that.

He completely altered that opening segment to fit his own vision. Those around in WWE who initially put forward Rollins vs. Ciampa were legit disappointed. They believed that the match should’ve gone the way it was planned. Also, the company had a backup plan to protect Ciampa’s first night back. Everything got mixed and The Blackheart instead ended up having a cakewalk over The Miz.

Reading through the lines, it’s clear that Triple H wanted to present Tommaso Ciampa as the main guy moving forward. To serve the purpose, he put the Sicilian Psychopath in a place andto get the rub from The Visionary. However, with the Granddaddy of professional wrestling around via remote, how can you expect a near to perfect show from WWE? But to his defense, McMahon’s change this week was met with critical acclaim. Fans said the decision to make Finn Balor look strong against The Architect was a right call, especially with their match coming up at Money in the Bank.

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Vince McMahon may alter the Money in the Bank results too

Vince McMahon better stay away from Money in the Bank
Vince McMahon can hamper the Money in the Bank results if he wants to (via- WWE)

The WWE Universe can only hope that McMahon’s creative involvement stays away from London. Shortly ago, PWInsider spilled the beans on some major spoilers for the upcoming WWE premium-live-event. According to them, there’s a backstage push to have Money in the Bank as a breakout moment for LA Knight. As seen in the past few weeks, the self-proclaimed Megastar is on everyone’s tongue.

As for women, they’ve consistently heard IYO SKY’s name being tossed around as the winner of her respective match. However, the report didn’t forget to mention that everything’s up in air unless Vince McMahon decides to stay out of the conversation. He can change the winners at will no matter what. It remains to be seen whether the 77-year old makes any last-second amendment to the planned Money in the Bank layout.

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