Draymond Green gets fired up ‘nepotism’ talks over Bronny James joining NBA

Green doubles down Colin Cowherd passionately defending the Los Angeles Lakers icon and his son.

Draymond Green gets fired up ‘nepotism’ talks over Bronny James joining NBA

Draymond Green, Bronny and LeBron James

Bronny James’ declaration for the 2024 NBA draft has sparked considerable debate among the basketball fraternity, which triggered a conversation about how LeBron James’ connections might favor his son. Amid these discussions, Colin Cowherd passionately defended the Los Angeles Lakers icon and his son. Draymond Green later endorsed Cowherd, further solidifying their argument.


In the most recent airing of ‘The Herd,’ Cowherd stressed that connections matter. The 60-year-old broadcaster went on to illustrate how connections remain essential in basketball, citing examples such as Andrew, the son of Dan Hurley, who is part of the UConn coaching staff, and Thanasis Antetokounmpo signing with the Milwaukee Bucks, influenced by his brother Giannis

The same people outraged by connections are the ones that constantly seek to get their kids ahead through connections. An internship here, getting into a college they don’t quite qualify for here. Yes, it’s the way the world works.
Colin Cowherd said

The strong comment grabbed the audience’s attention before Draymond Green intensified the situation by reposting it on his Instagram story.

Say it louder for the people in the back, Colin! And he puts the work in!
Draymond Green wrote on Instagram
Draymond Green's Instagram story
Draymond Green’s Instagram story

Nonetheless, Bronny’s first-year statistics with the University of Southern California comprised 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists. With his below-par stats, there’s a belief among basketball discussions that Bronny might benefit from an additional year in college. However, the next few weeks are pivotal in his career as he faces mounting pressure on his young shoulders.


Shams Charania think Bronny James is entering the league as an NBA-caliber defender

Since declaring for the draft, the media has been swamped with stories of whether Bronny is ready to play in the league or whether the issue of nepotism is at the core of the decision. However, Shams Charania, based on his recent communication, believes that teams consider Bronny as an NBA-type defender.

When I talk to NBA teams there's a clear consensus that as a defender, he's already at that caliber of an NBA defender. We know about his basketball IQ, obviously, great genes there. Shooting, offensive game, ball-handling, I think those are things scouts and talent evaluators will keep an eye on as he goes through the pre-draft process.

Shams Charania on his recent appearance on ‘Run It Back’

Additionally, as Bronny James enters the NBA draft, he will participate in team workouts, scrimmages, and visits with different teams. Based on the current mock draft, James Jr. is expected to be picked between the 41st and 46th positions.

Although his exact draft spot is not confirmed yet, it will be interesting to see where he ends up after all the pre-draft activities. The possibility of having a father-and-son duo in the NBA adds to the excitement surrounding Bronny’s journey.

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