“At worst Bronny is…” Draymond Green gets honest about LeBron James’s son making NBA draft 2024

Green makes a solid case for Bronny being a competitive prospect in this year's draft.

“At worst Bronny is…” Draymond Green gets honest about LeBron James’s son making NBA draft 2024

Draymond Green and Bronny James

Draymond Green was drafted 35th in the 2012 NBA Draft, and has been a key player for the Warriors since then. He handles playmaking, rebounding, and initiating offense for the team. With deep knowledge of the game, Green recently commented on Bronny James‘ decision to enter the 2024 NBA Draft.


Recently, James Jr. announced that he will be entering the 2024 Draft while also maintaining his college eligibility. Bronny has only played one season of collegiate basketball and is off to test his abilities on the big stage. While many have questioned his decision, some seemed to have supported the 19-year-old, including Draymond. Draymond Green seemed more direct about Bronny’s decision with respect to the star power in this year’s draft.

Bronny, 100% will be a successful player in the NBA. Number one, he knows how to work... You can see the improvement in his game. You can see the improvement in his body. You can see the improvement in his athleticism. At worst, Bronny is an NBA level defender that can knock a shot down. So at worst, he's a 3 and D guy... I also think it is a smart move for him to go in this NBA Draft, because this NBA Draft will go down probably as one of the worst in history from a top talent standpoint.
Draymond Green via his ‘The Draymond Green Show’

Bronny James is projected as a second-round pick in the Draft. Looking at his numbers from his freshman year, Bronny isn’t the suitable player that teams would look to welcome. But given his shooting potential and his performance on the defensive end of the floor, he can definitely make the case for a solid 3 and D guy, as Green mentioned.

Draymond Green’s words have some truth about Bronny James’ potential

From his freshman year to his senior year, James Jr. showed massive improvement in his shooting, as well as physique. While Bronny wasn’t primarily a shooting guard earlier, his game seemed to have adapted to the role quite well. As he enters this year’s draft, his numbers cannot be the only criteria to look into. The teen has great potential and, as reiterated by multiple critics, he is already an NBA-level defender.


Bronny has a great shooting touch and the potential to become a great scorer over time. While franchises that lie around his projected pick will look to find the pros and cons of adding Bronny to the roster, they’ll also look to benefit from the aftermath.

LeBron James will be on his contact’s last year, which includes the player option to be exercised. Of course, having the father-son duo on the court will result in a heavy crowd in home games for about two seasons.

Still, looking at the long run, the front offices will try to introduce Bronny as an asset initially. Not long ago, his name dropped from this year’s draft, but his recent decision did come as a surprise to all. It will be interesting to see how teams approach the teen following the postseason.

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