WATCH: “Burger after Burger,” Drew McIntyre joins the internet trolls and brutally bodyshames former WWE Champion on Raw

Sheamus confronted his longtime 'fella', Drew McIntyre, on last night's episode of Raw.

WATCH: “Burger after Burger,” Drew McIntyre joins the internet trolls and brutally bodyshames former WWE Champion on Raw

Drew McIntyre (via WWE)

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntyre came out to address the WWE Universe. He was soon interrupted by a returning Sheamus, who had been out with an injury since September 2023. However, the McIntyre that The Celtic Warrior knew so well was long gone. The two-time WWE Champion took a brutal shot at his friend by talking about his current physique.


Sheamus also came out all guns blazing as he held Drew McIntyre responsible for his miserable night at WrestleMania XL. The jabs between the two didn’t stop there, as The Celtic Warrior again brought CM Punk into the conversation. Obviously, this further enraged the Scot and he didn’t hold back afterwards.

McIntyre trolled Sheamus by claiming his body was not in shape due to the latter consuming too many burgers. The Irish veteran made his return last week and defeated Ivar. However, instead of praising how impressive his performance was, many fans bodyshamed him. This week, he defeated Shinsuke Nakamura with a Brogue Kick, as The Scottish Warrior looked on from the announce table. 

Before you were injured, it was banger after banger after banger. But since you've returned, it looks to me like it's been burger after burger after burger.  
Drew McIntyre to Sheamus on Raw

After his humiliating loss at WrestleMania, McIntyre has been reportedly wrestling through an elbow injury. Meanwhile, Sheamus just returned after an intense recovery period and has gained momentum with back-to-back victories.


Sheamus responded to the body shaming memes in good spirit

Well, Sheamus clearly knows how to take a joke, as he displayed a piece of his character after mocking himself on social media. After Drew McIntyre changed his old friend’s famous catchphrase to make fun of him on Raw, the former United States Champion joined in on the act.

Sheamus (via WWE)

The 46-year-old took to X and repeated the phrase ‘Burger after Burger’ continuously. Needless to say, Sheamus has been taking the trolls and memes about his physique lightly. As a matter of fact, he has promised to get into his previous in-ring shape by working hard in the gym and during training. 

Speaking about his return, The Celtic Warrior admitted his career would’ve been over after the injury. However, he was able to come back, thanks to the efforts of the doctors who took care of him. Considering he only has a few years left, Sheamus will look to accomplish as much as possible inside the ring.

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